[7.1ch] Woody - Final Fantasy VII Opening Impro (Pipe Organ)


As the first part of the "Final Fantasy VII" remake was finally released about four months ago, I recently watched a speedrun of it in order to see what has changed -- and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed of the results! Of course, Square kept the great music and of course gave it a bit of a polish so there's a fully orchestrated soundtrack now...

So, re-inspired by the OST, I sat down on the bench and tried out some of the pieces which I hadn't played for ages or even never before. Be warned that this is "practice-grade" "quality", but at least I'm glad I didn't forget to hit the REC button beforehand...

For those who own a 7.1 surround system, an 8-channel FLAC file can be picked up here to get an impression of what it will sound like in my living room:

Game: Final Fantasy VII
Publisher: Square Enix
Original Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

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