[7.1ch] Woody - Powerful Day, Peaceful Night (Pipe Organ Impro / Sound Painting)


The follow-up piece to the Evensong flute improvisation from my yesterday's session. This one is heavily based on contrast between powerful chord attacks and intimate flute and string passages, imagining the flow and change of a day and night cycle.

In fact, this piece could basically team up with my last year's improvisation about nature, "Tornado & Aftermath", which was a request for Pentecost from YouTube follower @organgoesheavy.

Please note that you should take care when adjusting the volume, as this piece utilises an extremely wide dynamic range.

For those who own a 7.1 surround system, an 8-channel FLAC file can be picked up here to get an impression of what it will sound like in my living room:

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