The Audacity Was Done Something That No One Had Thought Of Before! #cleanplanet

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Clean Planet continues slowly but surely its progress.

Thanks to your contributions and support through the many delegations in Steem Power, the Clean Planet movement continues to progress every day. Every week several kilograms of waste are collected and placed in bins.

The consequences are simple and direct: ever more rewards for those who clean up the planet.

Despite repeated efforts to involve the major actors/influencers of the Steem social network (such as @coruscate, @teamsteem, @acidyo, @transisto, @exyle, @wackou... and more), we are aware that it is once again the small fish with small hands that feel most concerned by our environment and have still moved the most.

Overview of the most important delegations to this day, thank you all:

DelegatorAmountVesting SharesTime
ekitcho6,702.592 SP13.435 MVests2018-11-15, 17:37
roelandp4,469.940 SP8.960 MVests2018-11-09, 07:23
criminalacorm4,019.013 SP8.056 MVests2018-11-27, 04:01
swam3,283.928 SP6.582 MVests2018-09-11, 16:19
french.fyde3,040.364 SP6.094 MVests2018-06-18, 12:47
yann09751,620.182 SP3.248 MVests2018-09-06, 22:27
tibfox1,200.588 SP2.406 MVests2019-02-17, 04:40
jaki011,001.470 SP2.007 MVests2019-01-24, 23:56
michelios1,000.838 SP2.006 MVests2019-02-05, 00:34

All Delegators
@evildido - @baart - @ragepeanut - @vevette - @fayetristan - @planetenamek - @felander - @zonguin - @dragibusss - @heimindanger - @ixindamix - @jeanpi1908 -@kalypso56 - @orlandumike - @itharagaian - @carolegbelette - @cryptojiang - @maxwell95 - @grizzabella - @tbnfl4sun - @downrighthustle - @dylanhobalart - @bobby.madagascar - @preparedwombat - @improv - @hafizullah - @rambaran - @michelios - @aerithe77 - @soluce07 - @knowhow92 - @mamun123456 - @elmetro - @scottcbusiness - @direwolf - @teodora - @vintherinvest - @natubat - @zoneboy - @gregan - @steemauvergne - @mermaidvampire - @swam - @moderndayhippie - @siavach - @criminalacorm - @fullyhuman - @meanbees - @a-non-e-moose - @cryptospa - @anttn - @swapfuture - @pataty69 - @michealb - @shellyduncan - @fabien - @elevator09 - @urme33 - @saskia - @xtetrahedron - @jznsamuel - @consciousangel7 - @consciousanjel3 - @ciontheemrald - @encryptdcouple - @amvanaken - @tibfox - @phoenixwren - @exator - @thebluewin - @roelandp - @masterthematrix - @muscara - @runicar - @reggaemuffin - @suesa - @coralcastle - @ekitcho - @el-cr - @jayla - @zonguin - @steevc - @walterjay - @jasuly - @jaraumoses - @a0i - @minsoenaing - @ecoinstant - @nathen007 - @shanibeer - @mcoinz79 - @dynamicrypto - @grizzabella - @misslasvegas - @dwiitavita - @isabelpereira - @madushanka - @astroboy - @toufiqurrahman32 - @mvd - @prettynicevideo - @zorank - @masoom - @gentmartin - @jaki01 - @certain - @toufiqurrahman32 - @uyobong - @pcourtnier - @ecoinstar - @tonygreene113

There is nothing to worry about, Clean Planet is there and will always be there to demonstrate that there are innovative solutions and we will continue to reward the benefactors of our Planet Earth.

It is always Win-Win-Win!

We constantly maintain a strong motivation in our commitments and actions, in order to reach out and reach as many people as possible to make our future a better world.
With Jesse's experience and vision (still a volunteer at Clean Planet), we are finalizing the various strategies to be adopted on social media to promote this effective solution in the fight against waste.

From now on, the whole planet can find us and follow us on:

Thanks to this opening to a new audience, we already have several users who have joined Clean Planet and some have not wasted a moment to produce and share content.

example :

  1. With @cleanplanet's account it was easy to create his Steem account with the tool on SteemWorld (congratulations for your work @steemchiller)
  2. Then @yann0975 made a personal delegation of 30 SP so that it could start under the best conditions
  3. A few minutes later, @clacla44 published his first post on Steemit for the #cleanplanet Movement

That's what it looks like! :

Reactive, No?

If you want one of your friends to be able to access their new Steem account instantly, you should know that @cleanplanet has the ability to create accounts on demand. (coming on Discord)
You can then decide to lend a small part of your SteemPower to the person of your choice so that they can start the Clean Planet adventure on Steem.

Every day and in the future we would like to be able to reward more and more your good eco-citizen acts of collecting waste in nature, in the city, at the sea or in the mountains... Each place, each location can be conducive to the realization of a #cleanplanet

We use everything possible to do to ensure that Clean Planet is considered a good entity with good intentions in the future.

Clean Planet is not a Scam, not even a Fake!

All of you can be assured of our good intentions.

We continue our efforts to make this community a trusted platform!

Check out our blog posts about:

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Thanks @cleanplanet

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@Cleanplanet is sustainability in itself. In the near future, I trust that many shall reckon with this project.

Good to see that cleanplanet is doing well with its progress. Are there any new News in regards to the cleanplanet token?

Feelling good to see cleanplanet progress. Thank you @cleanplanet for your efforts to encourage steemains to contribute in making clean planet.

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