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Hey Men !
Glad to see this Video !
Great walk you had together and great eco-citizen ecologic gesture !!!
I know it is one one first video and like I use to say try to say or show the Date of the Day and show where you put the trash grabbed (public trashcan)...
It is just our basical rules to get the upvote ;-)
See you soon using cleanplanet tag men
Upvoted 100%

Pura Vida!


Yes I must have not recorded the end part :/ but I can assure you I got a full bag

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Pura Vida!

Ahhh there is my coffee coming from? Awesome!

I really like your engagement for our planet brother! keep doing that great effort :)

Thanks for being here and not on pluto!



@tibfox I'm more clean planet than I am vegan. haha, and I'm hardcore vegan.

You are really doing a very great work buddy 😊 just, I think to clean the environment is the duty of every citizen :), just keep up the good work 😊


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