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Hello everyone

I recently purchased Casio watches

Brand ------------------------ Casio
Brand Country ------------------------ Japan
Warranty ------------------------ 24 months
Sub-brands and collections ------------------------ Casio Collection
Style ------------------------ Classic
Gender ------------------------ Male
Mechanism ------------------------ Quartz (Battery)
Dial color ------------------------ White
Body Color ------------------------ Silver
Belt color ------------------------ Black
Module ------------------------ 2784
Glass ------------------------ Mineral
Functions ------------------------ Date of the month
Body Material ------------------------ Metal
Water Resistant ------------------------ 5 ATM
Bracelet ------------------------ Leather Strap
Backlight ------------------------ Light storage on the arrows
Case size ------------------------ 38.5 * 44.2 * 9.2 mm.

Now I want to share the impressions and history of this brand ...)

The clock is cool and here's a little story


"If this is not something absolutely original, then this is not CASIO"!

This idea from the very beginning of the company is the main motive in the policy of new developments of CASIO to the present day. But few people know that Casio is not just the name of a famous company that produces watches and calculators, but also the name of a real person. The story of his success is a typical Japanese story, built not on adventurism, but on scrupulous work and personal asceticism. It is these two qualities inherent in Tadao Kashio (Tadao Kashio), turned his company into one of the world leaders in the field of high technology.

Casio experts have long traced the growing interest of the mass consumer to multifunctional portable devices. The company has long gained fame on the quartz watch market, cramming into their miniature case a wide variety of add-ons - timers and calculators, thermometers and depth gauges, MP3 players and compasses. This allowed the company, according to a number of specialists, to successfully survive in the conditions of the toughest competition between watchmakers in the world.

Starting the production of digital time meters, Casio scientists and technicians have made significant progress in the production of microchips with huge reserves of memory. Now, these developments allow Casio almost every month to throw new products on the market - new “fancy” Japanese watches, electronic notebooks, mobile phones.

Starting the production of the first models of its watches in 1974, this company has long been considered a "cheeky impostor" among respectable watchmakers. In the "big leagues" it was not allowed. Only in 1983, the release of the G – Shock series of shockproof watches to the market formed a steady demand for Casio products, and even then not in Japan, but in the USA, where young people interested in sports and tourism liked these massive, rubber-covered protectors, but very comfortable and reliable watch.

Also, these watches were put on the arms of the American special forces "seals". Rush demand in America for Casio G – Shock a short time later, boomerang back to Japan.

To satisfy the needs of young Japanese, Casio even had to re-export for a short time - importing shipments of this product to Japan already.
However, manufacturers of pirated copies were substituted for Japanese manufacturers. China began to produce its own version of the G-Shock, but in a cheaper version. Surprise here is not necessary. At one time, the Japanese watchmakers themselves in a similar manner won over certain sectors of the watch market from the famous Swiss.

The answer to this challenge of China was the transition of Casio masters to the production of multifunctional mobile wrist devices. Watch-audio player (model MP-3), a watch with blood pressure measurement (model BP-120), a watch with a depth meter, an altimeter and a compass are just “ordinary” weapons in this battle. At the same time, Casio offered customers another interesting model - the WQV-1.

This time, a digital camera was squeezed into the watch case, capable of capturing 100 black and white pictures without a diskette. The resolution of the digital camera was not too high (only 28,000 pixels), but probably James Bond would be pleased with such convenient equipment.
However, Casio masters expected to find a demand for their new product not so much for spies, but for a wide youth audience.

Another Casio engineering wonder is a wristwatch with integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) on the map. Space system receiving signals from such a system are no longer a novelty. They began to be equipped with many cars. But for the first time, such a complex engineering device was built into a wristwatch. This new Casio is not cheap. In retail, it costs about $ 500, but its first shipments sent to Hong Kong and London were sold out in a matter of minutes.
The successes of the offensive had to be consolidated, but Casio alone was clearly not enough for this.
The Japanese decided to enter into agreements with the American Microsoft and Sybasc, the British VodafoneAlm - TouchPle. In particular, the British specialize in the production of mobile phones. And with the help of Casio, their "handset" will be able to take pictures and send them by e-mail.

At the same time, Casio developers understand that technological leadership does not always automatically lead to economic success. Probably, not all “tricked out” novelties are destined to become sustainable “hits” of consumer fashion. Others end up as technical nonsense on the shelves of a factory museum. But Casio managers are betting on further development, in particular the Internet, which over time will require easy-to-use portable devices that provide easy access to the network. "Sly" watches are ideal for this purpose. Now, this wind is inflating the sails of Casio watch developers.

Among the main products offered for retail sale by CASIO Computer Co., Ltd, the following main product groups can be distinguished:
- quartz watches - wrist, table, timers;
- calculators: scientific, financial, budget;
- PDA;
- digital musical instruments;
- digital cameras;
- projectors.

Milestones in the history of CASIO:

1946 April: Tadao Kashio, an engineer and technologist, establishes Kashio Seisakujo in Mitaka, Tokyo.

1954 December: Completion of work on the first prototype of the fully electronic compact calculator (relay model).

1957 June: The CASIO 14-A, the world's first compact all-electronic calculator, is launched and the CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. is founded.

1965 September: Launch of desktop electronic calculator 001 with integrated memory.

1966 September: Desktop electronic calculators for the first time are exported abroad.

1967 October: Launch of the world's first desktop programmable electronic calculator (AL-1000 series)

1972 February: Launch of the first scientific calculator (FX-1)
August: Launch of the CASIO Mini, the world's first personal calculator.

1974 May: Launch of the personal scientific calculator (FX-10).
November: Launch of wristwatch CASIOTRON.

1976 July: Release of an electronic cash register (ECR)
December: Launch of the first combined hours - Den-Kuro calculator (CQ-1)

1978 January: Launch of the first miniature calculator CASIO Mini Card (LC-78, thickness 3.9 mm).

1980 January: Launch of the CASIOTONE 201 electronic musical instrument.

1981 September: The launch of the solar-powered calculator (SL-801). October: Launch of the first electronic dictionary (TR-2000).

1982 June: Establishment of the Science Support Foundation CASIO
November: Release of analog clock (combo type).

1983 April: Launch of the first shock-proof watch G-SHOCK (DW-5000C).

May: Launch of the first digital organizer (PF-3000).

June: The launch of the TV-10, a pocket-sized black-and-white TV with LCD screen.

November: Release of the Film Card SL-800, a credit card-sized calculator.

1984 January: The release of a wristwatch with a data bank that allows you to store phone numbers.

November: Release of a digital synthesizer with a phase distortion sound source (CZ-101).
1985 March: The release of the ultra-thin digital watch (PELA).

May: The release of a pocket color LCD TV (TV-1000).

1986 February: The release of a new calculator with the ability to process the test (Data-Cal).
March: Launch of an electronic musical instrument with the Sampletone selection function.

1987 August: Release of an electric guitar with a full range of tones.
September: Launch of a portable video recorder with LCD TV (VF-3000)
November: Release of the electronic camera (VS-101).

1988 February: Issue of a compact copying machine for making copies anywhere (СР-100). Launch of guitar with built-in synthesizer (PG-380).

December: Kazuo Casio becomes president of the company.

1989 February: Release of the BM-100WJ, a digital clock with sensors for predicting the weather.

1991 March: Launch of the Celvanio digital piano. November: The release of Name Name label printer (KL-1000).

1992 February: Release of a blood pressure sensor in the form of a wristwatch (BP-100).
March: Release of AZ-8 and SL-300LH arithmetic calculators for primary school students.
November: Issue of a digital organizer for children.

1993 October: Launch of the “pocket” computer (Z-7000) in North America.

1994 September: The release of an electronic keyboard with a backlight system key.
December: Launch of Baby-G shockproof watches for women and teenagers.

1995 March: The launch of the QV-10 digital camera with an LCD monitor.
June: Release of the radio-controlled clock FKT-100L. July: Launch of the PH-100 mobile phone.

1996 November: Launch of the CASSIOPEIA pocket personal computer in North America.

1998 June: The release of PC – UNITE PC compatible watches. November: The release of a miniature personal laptop CASSIOPEIA FIVA (MPC-101) with Windows98.

1999 March: Launch of the Japanese version of the Pocket PC with the CASSIOPEIA color display (E-500).
June: Launch of the SATELLITE NAVI, the world's first GPS watch.

November: Release of the waterproof and shock-resistant C303CA cell phone.

2000 March: Release of the MP3 player as a wristwatch, Wrist Audio Player (WMP-1V).
June: The launch of a digital camera in the form of a WQV-1 watch.

2001 November: Launch of the radio-controlled clock on the solar battery WVA-300.

2002 April: The first mobile phone with a built-in digital camera (А301СА), and also equipped with GPS, was supplied by KDDI, one of the largest mobile phone service providers in Japan.
June: Launch of the world's first ultra-thin digital camera the size of an EXILIM card with LCD display.
September: The launch of the XFER, a waterproof LCD TV that allows you to enjoy a clear image anywhere
November: The release of The G, the most advanced model of the G-SHOCK series.

2003 December: The release of the first mobile phone with a built-in camera with a resolution of 2.0 megapixels.

March 2004: Launch of the XD-W6400 electronic dictionary containing 50 different dictionaries.

Casio Computer Co. is a sponsor of many international sporting events. In particular, the 2006 World Cup, Copa America 2007.
Casio Computer Co. signed an agreement in 2005 with the Kawasaki racing company to sponsor the Moto GP motorcycle team

As part of this program, Casio has provided G-SHOCK G-300 pilots for teams from Shinya Nakano (Japan) and Alex Hofmann (Germany) with its watches.

Model G-9000 MUDMAN (Madman), from the G – SHOCK collection, was created during the collaboration of CASIO and Team Land Cruiser (TLC), its release marks the achievements of the TLC team in the Paris-Dakar rally - a race that tests the strength of cars and people. Having won the rally in 2007, Team Land Cruiser became the first triple champion of the competition in its class.
In the same series, on the 25th anniversary of the G – SHOCK collection, the Dawn Black MUDMAN G – 9025A – 1JF model was released in a special gift box.

Casio Computer Co. in 2009, she began cooperation with the team Red Bull Racing Formula One as a messenger of its watch brand - Edifice.

Since August 2010, the young singer Ke $ ha has become the face of Baby-G.

In recent years, CASIO G – SHOCK has been carrying out joint projects with various fashion designer brands.

CASIO Basic Collections


The PRO TREK collection is intended for people who give the greatest preference to active rest in the lap of nature.

It traditionally offers not just a reliable clock, but a complex multifunctional device that combines various functions necessary for the traveler - a digital compass, temperature, pressure, altimeter, stopwatch, timer, etc. The number of functions in PRO TREK watches is increasing every year.

And the collection has become so popular that designers and developers are putting more and more effort into making this watch, with its smaller dimensions, able to “hide” even under the cuff of the sleeve of a business suit!
And despite the fact that, traditionally, manufacturers pay great attention to the very serious water protection of all models of the PRO TREK collection. True connoisseurs of reliability and versatility in watches, every year are looking forward to all the new surprises from watches from the PRO TREK collection!

Main characteristics

Indication - digital, analog-digital.
Water protection - 50-200 meters.
Glass - mineral, plastic.
The case - polymer / metal.
Thong - polymeric, titanic, fabric, combined.
Food - batteries (from 2 to 5 years), battery (up to 10-12 years, from a Tough Solar solar battery).

Auto light, digital compass, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, altimeter, moon phases, tide levels, sunrise / sunset time, calendar, alarm clocks, stopwatch, timer, world time, time monitoring, etc.


For almost 30 years (since 1983), the G – SHOCK collection has symbolized strength, reliability, and constant innovation.

The most sophisticated technologies of the watch mechanism are implemented in minimal space and are under reliable protection of the case, which withstands the strongest vibrations, overheating and frost.
Before launching mass production, each model passes a complex test “Tough Tests”: powerful blows, shakes and the merciless pressure of water. Everyone who wears G – SHOCK, thereby demonstrates a strong will, strong character and confidence in his life goals!

Main characteristics

Indication - digital, analog-digital, analog.
Water protection - 200 meters.
Glass is mineral.
The case - polymer / metal.
Thong - polymeric, stainless steel, fabric, combined.
Power supply - batteries (from 2 to 10 years old), battery (10-12 years old, from Tough Solar solar battery)

Backlight, calendar (including Perpetual), alarm clocks, stopwatches, timers, world time, address book, pressure, temperature, compass, etc.


Younger than the G – SHOCK, the BABY – G shockproof collection is designed for an age group of 6 to 14 years old, as well as a female audience.

Every year, high-strength and functional models of BABY-G acquire more and more fashionable elements - elements designed to attract an additional target audience. Bright colors, various forms and modern materials - all this is wonderfully combined in the new BABY – G collections.

Main characteristics

Indication - digital, analog-digital, analog.
Water protection - 100-200 meters.
Glass is mineral.
The case - polymer / metal.
Strap - polymer, metal - ceramic, fabric, combined.
Power supply - batteries (from 2 to 10 years), battery (up to 10-12 years).

Backlight, calendar, alarm clocks, stopwatch, timer, world time, notebook, etc.


In recent years, the EDIFICE collection has expanded the range of proposed models so well that it is fully entitled to claim the right to become a sub-brand in the watch division of CASIO.

An important role in promoting the collection was played by sponsorship contracts, first with pilots of the Red Bull team of Formula 1 royal racing David Kulhard and then Sebastian Vettel.
And Seb Vettel with the EDIFICE watch in the 2010 season became the youngest world champion! Since 2011, CASIO has signed a contract with the Red Bull team and now the brand name CASIO is located on the cars and equipment of the pilots and technical staff of the team. And Sebastian Vettel again became the world champion in the most prestigious motor racing of the world!

Among this collection, you can find classic chronographs of various forms, as well as models full of sports-looking features with analog-to-digital indication and so much beloved by many electroluminescent backlights. Also, all models of this collection are distinguished by excellent water protection, and some of them can work from a single battery up to 10 years or a battery, which will allow you to be as confident as possible for many years.

Main characteristics
Indication - analog, digital; analog digital
Water protection - 100 meters.
Glass - mineral, sapphire.
The case is stainless steel.
Strap - stainless steel, leather, polymer.
Food - the battery (from 2 to 10 years), the accumulator (10-12 years, from the Tough Solar solar battery)
Calendar (including Perpetual), stopwatch, auto light, alarm clocks, timer, world time, temperature sensor, etc.


SHEEN - a new line of women's watches from CASIO.

A unique and diverse series of fully analog watches specially designed for modern, confident women with sophisticated taste.

SHEEN conquers with the thoroughness of details and the refinement of materials: titanium, ceramics, sapphire crystal, leather, as well as SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals. Stylish design, fashionable details and precision of manual processing are the hallmark of this line of watches, symbolizing feminine, elegant simplicity of style every day.

The BESIDE collection traditionally includes a number of paired models - a male and a female version with a general design.

Models with retrograde displays on exquisitely guilloched dials, large date indicators or models with analog alarms also look great.

Main characteristics

Indication - analog.
Water protection - 50 meters.
Glass - mineral, sapphire.
Body - stainless steel, brass (rare).
Thong - stainless steel, leather.
Power - battery (from 2 to 10 years).

Calendar, backlight, alarm clock, stopwatch, second time zone, 24-hour format.


The traditional collection LINEAGE includes models of various shapes and functions, which are mainly made of "space" metal - titanium.

The watches made of titanium alloy are distinguished by extraordinary lightness (40% lighter than watches made of stainless steel), hypoallergenicity, and a peculiar color characteristic of titanium.
The presence of good water protection, mechanisms that work up to 10 years from one battery and analog models with electroluminescent backlighting makes this collection especially sought after by people who prefer reliable and lightweight watches on bracelets.

Main characteristics

Indication - analog, analog-digital.
Water protection - 50 meters.
Glass is mineral.
Case - titanium alloy, stainless steel.
Strap - titanium bracelet, stainless steel.
Power - battery (from 2 to 10 years).

Calendar, backlight, alarm clock, stopwatch, double time.


This collection offers customers female and male models of various shapes, materials for enclosures and functions. Here you can find, as a high-tech MARINE GEAR watch especially for water sports lovers, the SPORT GEAR indispensable for playing sports with functions; Compass, and altimeter ,, FISHING GEAR helping fishermen and hunters with a high degree of probability to determine the most favorable time for fishing and hunting, models with solar-powered notebooks or 10-year-old batteries, as well as many inexpensive models with digital display and backlight .

Main characteristics

Indication - digital, analog-digital.
Water protection - 50-100 meters.
Glass - plastic, mineral.
The case - polymer, stainless steel
Thong - polymeric, stainless steel, combined
Power supply - battery (from 2 to 10 years), battery (10-12 years, from a Tough Solar solar battery).

Calendar, backlight, alarm clock, stopwatch, double time.


This collection contains male and female models with analog display of a classic look on leather straps and stainless steel bracelets. Different in price - from the most affordable strap in brass with Pd and Ion - spraying, to stainless steel chronographs, and models with a screwed back cover and a crown for divers. Watches of this series have always had steady demand and the widest range.

Main characteristics

Indication - analog.
Water protection - 30-200 meters.
Glass - mineral, sapphire.
Body - brass, stainless steel.
Thong - polymeric, stainless steel, leather, fabric, combined
Power - battery (from 2 to 10 years).

Calendar, lights, stopwatch.

Brand quality standards

- stainless steel. Confirmation - the inscription on the back cover - “Stainless steel”;
- brass (Brass). Confirmation - the inscription on the back cover - “Stainless steel back”);
- titanium;
- polymer (Resin);
- tree.

Bracelets / Straps:
- stainless steel;
- titanium;
- skin;
- polymer;
- tissue;
- combined.

- palladium plating (Pd-plated);
- ion sputtering (Ion-plated)

- Japanese quartz CASIO;
- Japanese quartz Miyota (CITIZEN);
- Japanese quartz TMI (SEIKO).

- plastic;
- mineral;
- sapphire.

Water protection:
- 30, 50, 100, 200 meters

Thanks to all

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