GPS Clock v0.1 - Simple Prototype



I was always searching for a Clock which could automatically synchronize it self, both time and daylight savings. Also it should have bigger numbers and be aesthetically pleasing.

First version of this Clock was with ESP8266, but I did not want to depend on WiFi and Internet connection for time synchronization. Also this approach requires user to enter his WiFi AP Credentials which requires more time to setup.

Current Modules:

  • Arduino Nano
  • Ublox NEO-M8N
  • 4-Segment Display with TM1637 Controller


Migrated from Arduino IDE to VS Code with PlatformIO before pushing code to Git.

Next Update

Since first prototype is tested and working with testing modules it's time to make it real.

Got those big 2.3" Common Anode LED segments from AliExpress but they require LED drivers to be powered so more research has to be done to choose optimal display powering options.


Project Todo List

Todo items:

  • Design PCB for µC, GPS (which could be connected to different LED PCBs)
  • Design PCB for Segment Displays (with LED Driver and Power Supply)
  • Colon symbol between hours and minutes
  • Enable Watchdog Timer in µC

Future Features:

  • Backup RTC (to provide clock immediately after boot or running on batteries to save power)
  • Battery Backup to run Clock without GPS and dimmed display


GitHub Project Repository - Feel Free to Collaborate!

My Patreon - Help me create you more Content!

Will keep updating GitHub repository and post new updates to Patreon and Steem.

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