Banano (BAN) CPU Miner: Generate Banano From Your PC or Mobile For FREE

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Do you mind earning cents per day in your wallet and become hopeful that someday its value would also be like XRP or Doge in the future?

Introducing the meme industry cryptocurrency that originally started from the fork of Nano Raiblocks.

Banano (BAN)

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If you wish to transfer money with ZERO FEES at all? Then try this cryptocurrency which is now being traded on Mercatox for BTC and SRB pairing. Combining the technology of Nano and the fun Dogecoin has all given us, I believe Banano will revolutionize the meme economy. But there's a lot in store for us with this digital asset, and that is mining it for FREE using either your PC or any mobile device. Most probably both of them.

It basically uses your PC's and mobile's power to generate and mine Banano for all of us to have and create huge amount of volume in terms of transfers, exchanges or trades. Therefore it creates a leverage from all the coins being traded and usage worldwide.

Screenshot on Mercatox

Sign up first on Mercatox to make sure your generated Banano will be real money after cashing out from the miner.

click the link here:

Note: You will have a withdrawal limit of 1.00 BTC per day if you're not able to perform KYC. Well, daily earnings from Banano won't reach 1.0 BTC so get real! (It only means it's absolutely FINE WITHOUT DOING KYC)

This Banano Miner is absolutely FREE. It will not ask any money from you. Just your internet connection and your PC's power as well as your mobile phone's if you are going to use it to mine this crypto.

Create a Banano wallet first, You'll be asked to copy and paste your Mnemonic Phrase and SEED. Make sure to secure them into an SMS sent to another number you own if you're using a mobile phone. If you are using a PC, make sure your SEED and Mnemonic phrase is secured inside a folder with a password. Click this link now for the web wallet.

Copy your Banano Wallet ID by clicking account and paste it after you have clicked this link:

Start mining Banano (BAN) now. Don't forget to click the "start button". Minimum Amount to Withdraw is 10 BAN.

This is the setting I used with the number of thread and the speed:

Will then click the "Withdraw Button"

This page will show up being at the top in the list of pay-out! I will then just wait for this to be credited to my Banano wallet and will update this blogpost about the cash out. Please note that I have withdrawn 20.71326000 BAN.

Important thing to do: Do NOT FORGET to click the Start Button again to resume mining under the same settings.

4-Threads with 80% Speed. For your PC or Mobile phone not to lag.

Proof of cash out that it was already transferred to my wallet.

Here is the screenshot of Banano's blockchain with my wallet ID:

You MUST go to your Banano wallet and click RECIEVE

Unlock first your wallet with your nominated password

Then click receive after you this on that page!

Check your account for the balance and in the banano blockchain. A successful cash out proof that the miner really pays!

on the banano blockchain with the link of the transaction details for you to find out yourself, here it is:

Here is the link of Banano blockchain explorer for transparency:

Earn more by sharing your referral link just like what I am doing right now. At the moment, let's just collect this cryptocurrency and wait til this will have a huge value in the market.

At the time of posting this though I have also shared this post on publish0x, See the post here
I am also the owner of that content. Same username @fycee

It is currently being exchanged at this amount. I have forwarded my 20 BAN in Mercatox:

Make sure when you gain referrals, here is the link you will give to your friends and people from your network:

Earn 10% from the direct sign up of your friends from all their mining activities.
Earn 5% from second level and earn from the efforts of your friends gathering referrals too.

Be cautious with sharing the second link. Please see this:

This would only mean that people who clicked and joined from that link will NOT be able to withdraw but just you only. It's like they will just be mining on your behalf. They will not get paid from their efforts.
Please be a responsible sponsor and never deceive the people who gave you their trust. The referral link that I have given you is the first one so don't worry.

For more interesting posts where we will also earn from the contents we share, create an account here on steemit and follow me.

Thank you for reading and please don't forget to sign up to the miner!

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As expected another great article for you @fycee Glad to see that you are back writing awesome articles again. By the way I found this new cool tool that lets you synchronize all your social media post into Steemit. You might want to check it out and set it up. Here is the link if you like.


Hello to our crypto-princess! Yes I have heard of it before. I just haven't tried it yet until you were the one doing the intro. I will check it out then. Thanks for dropping by. Not to mention this opportunity came from you. Thank you so much sharing Banano Miner to me. As you know the miners are really my edge eversince. Hahahaha