HashFlare: A Reliable Cloud Mining Platform for Crypto Coins

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Crypto currency mining requires investment in expensive hardware, cooling equipment, and electricity. However, with cloud mining, you can easily mine crypto currencies without the trouble of acquiring sophisticated hardware or software.

There are many cloud mining service providers across the globe. Among these, HashFlare stands out because of its low costs, operational history and reliability. With HashFlare, you get real mining power as the platform allows you to connect to a mining pool of your choice. Additionally, HashFlare’s Ethereum cloud mining contracts offer the best value in the market. The following HashFlare Review covers everything about the cloud mining platform.

Background information

Based in Tallin, Estonia, HashFlare is a renowned cloud mining platform which is owned by Hashcoins, a mining equipment company. For over three years, Hashcoins has made a name in the crypto currency industry for designing and selling mining hardware, including the SHA-256 and Scrypt ASIC rigs. Other than this, the firm has a wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency software industry, having developed a web based crypto coin wallet for Raspberry Pi devices.

Because of the firm’s track record in software and hardware manufacture, its HashFlare service stands out from the competition. The team at HashFlare has plenty of experience in mining crypto currencies. On top of this, the firm is renowned for offering the most affordable cloud mining contracts for SHA-256, Scrypt, Ethereum, DASH and Zcash.


In crypto currency mining, transparency is a key component. Customers need access to mining data and costs. Because HashFlare values transparency, its customers get the best value for money. First, they can access real time data on their HashFlare dashboard. Apart from its detailed price schedules, HashFlare does not have hidden costs or charges. And customers get real mining power since they are allowed to choose a mining pool of their liking.

Customer comes first

HashFlare values customer support, the reason it has a dedicated team that responds to customer queries on time. The platform has also integrated Zendesk support and a detailed FAQ page, all aimed at enriching the customer’s experience.


Anyone involved in any crypto currency mining knows the importance of a reliable payout system. HashFlare’s instant withdrawal feature enables customers to quickly access their profits when they need them. Scrypt and SHA-256 users receive their payouts in Bitcoins while Ethereum, Zcash and DASH miners get paid in their respective crypto currencies. One major advantage of using the HashFlare service is that there is no limit on withdrawals. You can withdraw any amount as long as it covers the transaction fees.

One of the features that makes it stand out is how it has integrated major payments methods. Customers can buy HashFlare using major credit cards, Visa debit and credit cards, WebMoney, Bitcoin and wire transfer.


HashFlare takes security seriously. With COMODO SSL certificates in place and a mandatory two factor authentication for customers, mined bitcoins, data and personal information cannot fall into the wrong hands.


Considering the above factors, it’s easy to see that HashFlare has proven itself as a reliable platform for cloud mining. It has state of the art infrastructure, affordable plans and in-depth industry knowledge, making it the ideal choice for the quintessential cloud miner.

The following are HashFlare’s pros and cons


  • Transparent operations
  • Cheapest service compared to all its competitors
  • cloud miners can choose mining pools


  • HashFlare has no cons at the moment

In conclusion, HashFlare provides the best service for new and experienced miners. However, it’s important to note that profits in the cloud mining industry are influenced by a variety of factors, including exchange rates and mining difficulty. Because of that, users are advised to conduct own research before investing into mining.

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