A clown for a professor 🤡

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Who wouldn't want to have a clown for a professor? They may be creepy sometimes, but this one doesn't look like one.


The first appearance of clowns

  • Clowns first appear 2,400 BC, in ancient Egypt, but also in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. After this period, in the Middle Ages their role and appearance changed, so in this historical period clowns were courtly mad. They had the opportunity to entertain all who live in the court, and most often their topics of ridicule were related to the king, the behavior of the nobles, and their lives.

The first clown concept

  • However, the concept of the clown, as we imagine it today, is thought to have originated a little later than the courtly clowns and clowns of ancient civilizations. The clowns as we know them today were designed by Joseph Grimaldi, an entertainer from London, around 1800. His role was to play a pantomime spider named Joey, which is why he "had to" paint his face.

  • At the time, Jean Gaspar Debro Perot, whose face was white and his eyebrows and lips were red, laughed at the audience in France. His entertainer cry ended when he killed a boy who scoffed at him, which is why he was called a clown killer.

Clowns as part of a circus

  • When the Italian opera Pajaci was performed in 1892 it was a great success. The main character in the opera is a clown who kills his wife because she was unfaithful to him. After that, clowns become an integral part of all points in the circus. Soon they begin to represent the symbol of defiance of death.

  • By the late 19th century, circuses and clowns enjoyed great popularity in America, especially sad-faced clowns. By the mid-20th century, clowns began to introduce silly characters entertaining children.

The new role of clowns

  • However, soon the clown begins to get more and more roles in horror films, preceded by an event. Specifically, the Pogo clown has been accused of assaulting and killing more than 35 young women, which has completely changed the view of these entertainers. Soon the book "To" was written by Stephen King, describing a clown as a demon who attacks children.

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Cute clown, not creepy :D Is it you? :)

Clowns remind me of an old song called, "Tears of a Clown" which actually mentions Pagliacci in the lyrics - the same Italian Opera you mentioned in your interesting facts about Clowns. :)


It's not me, this is really a professor.
I've never heard of that song but now I'll listen to it :D