A few Macro Shots

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A few Macro Shots

I actually did enough steps according to my apple Health app to do an Actifit post today, its showing i did 5700 Steps, but the actifit is showing I only did 3554 steps, but I think that's my own fault I went for a walk around the compound with my apple watch on but not with my phone and I suspect the actifit app only counts step with the phone, so instead I will share a few macro shots I took recently on a walk around Mondo Pond trails,

This first shot I have no idea what kind of plant it is but I thought it looked pretty cool

1 Macro shots Mondo Ponds trails-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F5.6 1/80 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And now lets go from cool and delicate to a little thorny

1 Macro shots Mondo Ponds trails.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F22 1/60 Sec ISO 1000
Click here to view larger

And now a simple pine cone with a bit of selective coloring done when I edited is as the color in the background i felt distracted from the pinecone

1 Macro shots Mondo Ponds trails-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F22 1/60 Sec ISO 1600
Click here to view larger

And now a similar or the same plant as the first shot but this one had dried out as had this leaf hanging on

1 Macro shots Mondo Ponds trails-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F9 1/80 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

and thats it for this post I hope your weekend is going well

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 41.2118089 lat -73.088984 long Mondo Pond Trails Milford CT d3scr

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I would much rather look at the pictures than read an actifit report, just saying. I never have uoVoted one of those actifit posts and not planning on doing that anytime soon. 100% upVoted good photos though and will continue that practice.


I feel the same, way and that why my acrifit posts will be similar to my other posts all be it some of the photos will be photos taken with my cell phone rather than with my camera

Oh I bet you love your new camera @tattoodjay!! These shots are great. I love the detail :) I'm going to have to try the actifit app I watch my miles on my phone anyway, but it would be even better to get paid for it, lol


I had two step tracking apps on my phone so I had put off loading actifit, but I am glad I did now, I walk a bit most days so getting paid for it is a nice bonus ;)

and yes I am loving this new lens took it out for a short walk today in the little burst of sun we had so have so me new shots to check out ;)

Looks like a sort of birch tree catkin, it could be a willow one but with the dead leaves likely a birch or hickory or possibly an alder tree/bush. We get lots of pussy willow buds, and birch catkins along with the alder bushes. I don't think we have hickory trees in Alaska, but a google search says they get them also.


Thanks for the info I am terrible for knowing the names of plants and trees


I still on occasion call birch spruce and spruce birch, so I know what you mean.


Thats better than me, I just go with green trees, colorful trees and bare trees lOL

Gosh, @tattoodjay ---> these are gorgeous!! That new lens of yours is not just spectacular, it's evidently inspiring. Great post!! (grin)


Thanks so much I took it out for another walk today in the little burst of sunshine we had, I should probably have taken another lens on the walk as it wasnt ideal for the walk but I did get a few new shots ;)

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Thanks Kindly appreciate the resteem

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Nice. Love the purple blur of the first one. Did you take these handheld? If so, steady hands!

Don't think I'd like to mess with that thorny thing, but it looks interesting. I wonder what kind of plant that first one was. IThose dangling flowers look like they might make good temporary earrings for someone... lol

Lovely shots! I like the pine cone photo and the selective coloring you did. The colored twig added a nice touch to it.

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The first photo is beautiful, JJ, the second and third are nice, but for some reason I like the last photo most:
The foreground is vera sharp showing all details of the plant - catkins and dry leaf, and the blurred background has a nice bokeh plus this blurred catkin matches nicely.

Each one has beauty all on it's own, excellent macro photography!

wow beautiful macro photographs @tattoodjay
All macro photographs are beautiful but 1st one is awesome.
Thanks for share with us..

I love the cone photo. Does it take you a long time to edit so many photos you take?


I do spend a lot of time editing, many of my shots are 3 shots at different exposure which I merge together, and those take longer to edit, maybe minimum 10 to 15 minutes per photo if a simple edit,
macro shots are single shots so take less time but I doubt I spend less than 5 to 10 Minutes time for every macro photo I edit

So I guess it is a long time I spend editing photos but for me it is a relaxing and fun time

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So amazing what a macro lens can do JJ.
These are all top class shots!


Thanks Kindly my friend I think you can tell I am having fun with it :)

Lovely macro photography, @tattoodjay! It’s amazing how luscious a pinecone can look up close.


Thanks as you can probably tell I am having fun with my new Macro lens ;)


Yes, and I want one! I’m stuck with the capabilities of my iPhone for now.

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Iphones do pretty great these days, but you can do more with a camera of course, but they can get expensive when you start adding lenses,


Yup. It’s why I’ve procrastinated for so long! 😁


Not a bad idea, I have two cameras and a selection of lenses, I never work out how much I have spent on them as it would scare me lOL


@jayna, buy an old out-dated camera (like, canon 400-500d) and an artsy 50mm lens (1.8 is comically cheap, outstanding price/quality, 1.4 is a bit less cheap but anyway!) then you momentarily go OUT of your deadend. I guarantee that, hehe. you really should not feel scared. just ddont buy all new and all at once. 50-mm lens are universal, it has no zoom and no wide angle -- but you have iphone for that! this combination suggest you an option for doing crystal clear shots, and you be able to play with all this GRIP / blurred background / artsy style of the stuff. cheerio!
I love macro too -- the last year I've obtained two lenses and started playing with them... pics will follow...

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Nice shots! I tried out Actifit this weekend too. I don't have anything to tie it to. My wife offered to connect it to her fitbit. I feel like that would be cheating though, she is way more active than I am.


IT works quite well counting the steps just with the app, for some reason I cannot get my Watch steps to synchronize with Fitbit, I think its a rival company thing, so whenI go for a walk and forget my phon like I did this weekend, MY activity app on the iPhone shows the steps but they don’t get to actifit

I am not sure I would see using your wife’s Fitbit would strictly be cheating, just making use of what’s available LOL

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