Wandering and Turning Point 徘徊和转捩点

4개월 전

The global consequence of COVID19 is indeed unprecedented. Many people have to bear with Movement Control Order (MCO), now the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). Generally, the people have one of the following reactions or responses towards the MCO:

  1. Hope to return to the past
    It is understandable that facing the inconvenient new normal is not really fun at all. We have to adapt to new lifestyle such as wearing mask and maintaining social distancing etc. Therefore, there is a hope to be back to the past such as travelling freely and meeting friends at the cafe without a single consideration of being infected with coronavirus.

  2. Adapted to the new normal
    After being locked down for a number of days, there are people who have adapted to the so-called new normal. And life is no longer so unbearable. Instead, there is fun staying at home such as cooking your own food and exploring new recipes. Some younger students may even have fallen in love with staying at home as they no longer need to get up early and worry about the unfinished school assignments.

  3. Fail to seize the turning point amidst a crisis
    As a matter of fact, there is always a turning point at a critical time. It is an opportunity to learning new skills for a better life. It could mean that there is new way of running an old business. It can be a revitalisation of a declining career. It may also be a time to seize new skills.

As we expect the Movement Control be over and businesses resumed for different sectors, we should ponder and lay hold of new opportunity. Personally, I have learned to do more online teaching through social media. Certainly it is challenging to acquire new skills for someone who is not techno savvy. However, I have made an attempt to learn. And over time, I am able to offer online teaching for students from different places. Getting the participants to be engaged is really a challenge as compared to teaching them inside a classroom without the need of abiding to social distancing.

As I gradually learn new skills and widen my connection with additional participants of my course, I seize the turning point. Perhaps, that is a teaching approach better and more convenient than what I used to know and do conventionally.

Some people encouragingly commented that I am flexible and able to learn rapidly. I self mockingly reply saying, “I am an old dog learning new tricks.”


新冠肺炎确实形成了前所未有的全球性后果。 许多人必须遵守行动管制令 (MCO),现在则是有条件行动管制令 (CMCO)。 通常人们对MCO会有以下列的反应:

  1. 希望回到过去
    面对新常态,可以理解到对不少人显然不是一件好事。 我们必须适应新的生活方式,例如戴口罩和保持社交距离等。自然的,这些人会希望回到过去;例如自由出入和在咖啡厅和朋友聊天,而又无需考虑会感染冠状病毒。

  2. 适应新常态
    在留守住家一段日子后,有些人已经适应了所谓的新常态。 生活不再那么难以忍受;取而代之的是有趣的一些兴趣如自己做饭和探索新食谱。 一些年幼的学生甚至可能爱上了留在家里,因为他们不再需要提早起床和担心未完成的作业。

  3. 在危机中未能抓住转捩点
    事实上,面对危机常会有一个转捩点。 这可能是学习新技能以改善生活的机会。 这也可能意味着有一种新的方式来经营老事业,也可能是振兴日渐衰落的行业的时刻。 又或者是时候学习新技能了。

我们期望行动管制会结束,并且各个行业都将恢复。其实更是我们要考虑并把握契机。疫情期间,我尝试学习通过社交媒体进行线上教学。 对于这方面的新手来说,获取新技能无疑是一项挑战。 但是我还是尝试学习和操練。随着时间,我能够上线教导来自不同地方的学员。这和在教室内教导他们而不需要保持社交距离相比,要和参与者连接的确实是一项大挑战。

当我逐渐学习新技能并扩大了参与我课程的圈子,我尝试抓住转捩点。 如今线教课是一种更方便的教学方法。

有些人鼓励地说我很灵活并且能够快速学习。 我自嘲地说:“老狗学新招!”

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