Children's Latin dance exams 孩子们的拉丁舞考级花絮

3년 전
in cn

Daughter to learn Latin dance for two years, from the initial reluctant to go to class, to now like to dance Latin dance.Today, my daughter and classmates together to participate in the national Latin dance test, the children are very good performance,Everyone is a one-time pass.Daughter said jump Latin dance is her greatest pleasure, really happy for her!
Take a look at the lovely kids.

Hope you like!

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Really Nice post

Nice post.i resteem upvote and follow you.

Girls are looking beautiful in their bright coloured dress....may your kid progress well in future wishes


Thank you!







Beautiful pictures. Dance is such a joyful activity!

Latin dancing? Interesting :) Looks like they are doing ballet from the images :)

Talk soon.




Very nice..good wishes to your daughter..may she excel in her passion...


Thank you!

Never heard of Latin Dance before this post. This is beautiful. I am in love with it. Gonna learn it sometime.

Good post I really like this post, I will wait for the next post

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Very nice dance in post.


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I upvote an follow you.


The Latin dance is very joyful. Congratulations to the girls who learn.
Saludos @birds90

latin photos..keep steeming