My Photography - The beautiful Cockscomb Flower (Original) 美丽的鸡冠花

3년 전
in cn

Hi, steemit's friend! Today I share The beautiful Cockscomb Flower .Every photo taken with phone camera, I picked some my favorite photos,Together to enjoy!

The Source files, It is iphone6 sizes,Hope you like, Have a nice day!
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Thank you!

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Never seen any flower like this in my life....its just beautiful

So nice. I love flower

Beauty in pink really love it

  ·  3년 전

Beautiful flowers with pink color.

What an incredible color! Thank you for share it

Who needs roses or orchids when these beauties are available? Beautiful captures!

Thats a lovely lovely iphone shot😍

Wonderful work of art. You have an amazing aesthetic sense. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you too!

wow awesome photos...
from which phone did you taken the photos?


I phone 6

very nice pictures! is it really taken from an iPhone mobile??
will you follow me back please? <3

Lovely shot..very bright and vibrant...

very good post :) @birds90
this is a very nice flower :)

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I've followed you :), I hope you follow me :) @berline

Waw, unique flower shape and beautiful color

pink and beautiful! i like it

הפרח נקרא בעברית כרבולת התרנגולת והצילומים שלך מאוד יפים.🐓

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Hello @ birds90 have a great luck to have these beautiful flowers nearby. It looks like a velvet texture. Beautiful color.
Stay well.

great shot as always birds90.

So nice flower.

  ·  3년 전

Beautiful flowers and nice photos! Please see photos of different variety of flowers I grow on my site @nawi

Beautiful flowers, i love it.. (^_^)

I always remember your posts and thank you to update the post this like that to tell to all about our nature beauty

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