My Photography - The flowers of vegetables (Original) 蔬菜的花朵2

3년 전
in cn

Hi, steemit's friend! Today I share The flowers of vegetables .Every photo taken with phone camera, I picked some my favorite photos,Together to enjoy!

Loofah flowers 丝瓜花

Pumpkin flower 南瓜花

The Source files, It is iphone6 sizes, Source files including GPS location information
Hope you like, Happy a day!
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Thank you!

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Very nice. I especially like the Skipper butterflies.

Beautiful sharing

Nice shot there! And it reminds me pan fried pumpkin flowers!


Yes, I thought of that too. :)



great photos my friend

Really nice pictures and beautifull flowers! Upvoted.

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nice photography @birds90

Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing!

Wonderfulll flowers and awsome click..! ❤️❤️

nice flower shots ;)
My favorite are also the ones with the skipper butterfly ;)

Good photo

Great shots. Enjoy the vegetables ;)

Wonderful! What type of digital camera you are using?

i am much impressed your posts of photo

Wow amazing

What is the most beautiful flower smells refreshing and fragrant and also her photography is excellent and something special