If China's economic collapse helps to achieve democracy?

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If China's economic collapse helps to achieve democracy?

1.Plan and Market

If the Chinese economy really collapses completely,
The CCP’s huge black hole is enough to swallow everything,
Chinese society will enter a long dark period.
It will be a full-scale collapse of the stock market, foreign exchange market, bond market and real estate market,
The Monetary Policy in the market economy will be completely out of order.
The tax source will dry up, the financial budget and the expenditure of maintaining stability will increase sharply,
So the Fiscal Policy in the market economy will be also ineffective.
The collapse of national credit leads to social chain reaction,
The entire market self-regulation function will be hit hard.

2.Democracy and Regulation

Even if the authoritarian rule collapses instead of the democratically elected government,
Only a comprehensive control of the economic rationing system can be adopted,
To cope with all kinds of material shortages and soaring prices.
The vast majority of the people are fighting for extremely limited supplies,
So that they and their families can continue to survive.
All kinds of evils of human nature will be fully stimulated.
Countless trolley problems are presented to the world.
Freedom, democratic and rule of law is hard to implement,
It will only become a springboard for the careerist to take the opportunity.

3.Contradictions and Risks

The new regime cannot rule under the high-pressure political black box.
Various accumulated social contradictions are hard to suppress,
Regional contradictions and ethnic contradictions will also be intensified unprecedentedly.
By then, consumption, investment and net exports will shrink,
Domestic capital and industries will flee wildly.
External capital and aid funds will be indifferent.
Market vitality die away, and foreign exchange reserves are on the verge of exhaustion.
Ultimately, foreign plunder may induce a nuclear war.
So the economic collapse is not the soil of democracy.

4.Asymptotic and Thorough

Progressive reforms will inevitably continue political opacity,
The Chinese economic crisis is completely intolerable,
Therefore, thorough democratization must be carried out.
Party politics and interest groups should be completely terminated,
With big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies,
Thoroughly transform the entire country and all citizens.
Truly and permanently realize one person one vote direct democracy,
To terminate the possibility of a restoration of autocratic dictatorship,
So that freedom, democracy and rule of law finally become a reality.

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