Common Cryptocurrency terminology but in Chinese

4년 전

Blockchain = 區塊鏈
Blockchain Type = 區塊鏈類型
Blockchain System = 區塊鏈系統
Blockchain Technology = 區塊鏈技術
Digital Currency = 數字貨幣(China), 數位貨幣(Taiwan), 數碼貨幣(Int)
Consensus = 智能合约
Internet Of Things = 物聯網
Artificial Intelligence = 人工智能
Encryption = 加密
Encryption Schema = 加密模式
Big Data = 大數據
Technology / Technique = 技術
Infrastructure = 基礎設施
Cloud Computation = 雲計算
High Reliability = 高可靠性
Cost Effective = 低成本
Transaction = 交易
Ethereum Blockchain = 以太坊
Ether = 以太幣
Hyperledger = 超級賬本
Bitmain (company) = 比特大陸
Antminer = 螞蟻礦機
Hashing Speed = 算力
Pool Mining = 集成運算
Cloud Mining Service = 雲算力服務
ASIC = 特定功能IC

Chinese isn't my first language;

If you think anything is wrong or inaccurate, please tell me. Please also add new terms to the list if you want to; I know for a fact that this list is not complete.

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