7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – Asian Sunday – the absolute winner takes 150 SBD! 「7大洲照片挑戰」--亞洲之週日--最終贏家會得到150 SBD的獎勵!

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Hello fellow steemians,

I am very excited to kick off my 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge with the first one being Asia. If you like to participate then place your personal image from your travels within Asia in the comment section below with a short 30 to 50 word description. Only use of personal images will be accepted and the best 10 posts will get my upvote. I will then pick the best picture of that day that I will highlight in the separate post next day to bring the winner some extra publicity and personally visit the blog of that steemian and upvote his/her most recent post. The winning picture of the daily challenge will then automatically be entered into other rounds with the absolute winner gaining approximately 150 SBD. For more information and conditions visit my original post: 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – chance to win 150 SBD - 7大洲照片挑戰——贏取150 SBD的機會!

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge after Asia today will be followed as per below rotation and then starting again with Asia on Sunday.

• Australia
• Antarctica + the world’s oceans
• Africa
• Europe
• North America
• South America


Image source: Shutterstock
Author: aphotostory
The Great Wall of China


我很高興在今天打響「7大洲照片挑戰」的第一炮,而今天的主題是亞洲。想參與這個「7大洲照片挑戰」的朋友需要在留言區上載自己在亞洲旅行時照的相片,然後加上30-50字的介紹。只有原創的照片可以被接受,而我會upvote參賽作品中最佳的10個作品,再選出是日的一名贏家。接著,我會在第二天的帖子中單獨介紹勝出照片以及照片簡介,增加作者知名度。除此之外,我還會拜訪勝出者的博客,upvote他/她最近期的一個帖子。此得獎作品會自動進入下一個環節,競逐約150 SBD的獎勵。關於更多詳情,請見: 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – chance to win 150 SBD - 7大洲照片挑戰——贏取150 SBD的機會!


  • 澳洲
  • 南極洲+世界上的海洋
  • 非洲
  • 歐洲
  • 北美洲
  • 南美洲

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Hi my fellow Steemians, this is a picture taken during my trip to Gyeong Bok Palace in Seoul, Korea. Although it was winter, the trees were golden. I was mesmerized by its beauty. The branches perfectly matched the historic feeling of this royal place while the temple's reflection flawlessly represented the tranquility and sacredness of this palace.


Thank you so much for a great picture and post to may contest. I am very pleased by your participation. The winner will be announced shortly in my next post. Have a great day. Tomas


Thanks a lot Tomas :)


This is a photo shot in Tateyama Kurobe, which is a famous tourist attraction in Nagoya, Japan. The snow mountains and the Kurobe Dam forms a scenic picture, and the view from the lookout was just spectacular. Does it look cool?


in japan now @htliao ?


No, this is a photo shot several months ago.


cool...japan is my destination list, the big gundam..hhahahhaha


I love your picture! I love your post! The winner of the daily challenge will be announced soon in my post. Stay tuned.


Thank you! :)

Simala Shrine is located in the southern part of Cebu- the second city in the Philippines. It was built by the congregation of Marian Monks of Eucharistic Adoration in 1998. After the incidents of miraculous events, one of which is the shedding of tears of the Mother Mary’s image, Catholic devotees climb up a hill to the pilgrimage, bringing their faith, petitions for cures and their wishes to obtain various graces and gifts.



Wow! So cool. Go @belvaj! :)


Aww, thank you so much @jassennessaj! 🙏☺️


That truly is beautiful! Thank you so much for taking part. Stay tuned for an announcement who the winner will be. Coming up soon in my next post. Tomas

This is my image from Kedarkantha peak when we were full of fun adventure and love. After hiking for 2 days and around 15 kms in snow we reached at the peak in the evening but due to snow storm we can't stay at the top for more than 2 mins, we started slopping down. I have lots of pics from this peak in Uttrakhand India, ASIA and india is full of hikes and peaks and beautiful sceneries and awesome life amazing people. Its very mesmerizing remembering the trek and planning for a new one.


I love you post and the picture. What a great effort to make it all the way up there. Stay tuned for winner announcement coming up soon in my next post. Tomas

On the small island of Lembongan, southeast from the main island of Bali, the economy is mainly from agriculture and fishing. One specific crop grown is seaweed that is sold to cosmetic companies. This photo was taken at one of Lembongan's seaweed farms as a farmer brings in a haul of his crop.



Thank you so much for submitting this great image! It is absolutely wonderful. Stay tuned for the winner announcement in my next post. Tomas

Cool idea, I am in~

This is a sunset picture taken at Gaomei Wetlands, it is a ecologically rich area, making it a conservation area for the abundant wild life residing there. It is signature for its large shallow shores with the wind electric generator fans. It is also a perfect place to watch sunset~


Stunning image! Thank you so much for taking part! Stay tuned for winner announcement coming up soon in my next post. Tomas


thank you~

This picture is from my trip to Rishikesh (India) when we were in college. This was my first trip outside my home town, it was a sudden plan. Really it was a great fun. We enjoyed the rafting of 25 km, trekking and lot more fun. A trip with best friends is always awesome. It was a 2 day trip.


This is absolutely great! Seems like fun. Thank you so much for your submission and stay tuned for a winner announcement coming up soon in my next post. Tomas


Thanks a lot for appreciation. Eagerly waiting for your next post. Hope for the good.

This is my submission for the challenge. You can see the original post in this link. These are some pictures that I took in Laos and Thailand quite a few years ago. Just browsing these pictures, I want to go so badly. A place full of exquisite cuisine, impressive Buddhist temples and lovely people.

I'm posting this picture of the white temple (Wat Rong Khun) of Chiang Rai in Thailand. There are very impressive and ancient temples in all the areas where we went. However, I loved this one because is contemporary very different to others. The Buddhist temples walls are full of tales in painted art. But this one has really cool sculptures of Predator, yes the movie and in the inside paints of movies like Star Wars, Terminator and others... it was quite striking. I'm wondering if in the past the temple's artist were depicting similar stories.


This is a picture from Laos in Luang Prabang. Buddhist monks are every where you go. This one was crossing the mighty Mekong river in a Bamboo bridge scream peacefulness and Asia.


This is a picture of a member of The Kayans tribe. As you can see the most captivating part is the ring in her neck that is stretching the length of the neck. The women start from child age and with time new rings are added to the neck. I took this picture from a park where the different tribes from Thailand were gathered. I don't remember the name but If someone knows it, please refresh my memory.


And this is a bonus picture of me and who later became my wife washing elephants in the Mekong river. We are on top of the elephants "washing" them, at the end, we end up equally wet.



This truly is an amazing shot and the story:)... Please stay tuned who the winner will be. I will be announcing it shortly in my next post. For next time only enter one image please. Tomas

This was taken during one of my hikes in Taiwan. A good part of the route runs along the famous Alishan Railway line so I was actually walking on the track when there were no trains.


What a great submission for my challenge. Stay tuned for a winner announcement. Tomas

I am currently in Aceh, Indonesia right now. The atmosphere of Islamic culture is very thick here compared with other regions. People of Aceh are very religious. Just as they renovated the Great Mosque of Baiturrahman (the largest mosque in Indonesia) very elegant, mixing Islamic style architecture with a modern touch.


That is a beautiful shot. Thank you so much for participating and stay tuned who the winner will be in my next post coming soon. Tomas


Hehe, thank you. Gonna try harder next time.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam | Asia Continent

I took this photo when I was on vacation to Halong Bay, Vietnam some time ago. The landscape is very amazing, so many islands and small cliffs located in there. There are hundreds of small islands that we can see through the ferry that we get during a vacation there. The services provided by the crew on the ferry are also very satisfying. this place is worth to visit.


I love your picture and the post but since it was submitted after deadline it cannot be considered to go further. Hope to see you back again! Tomas

The picture was captured during my trip to Shirakawago in Japan. The place was famous for its amazing scenery in the snowy day. The traditional house was also nicely built in the Japanese style. I visited the place in the winter but unfortunately the day snowed not much, but the scenery was still amazing with the beautiful color.


Thank you for your submission to my challenge. The winner will be announced in my next post very soon. Stay tuned. Tomas

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel. But I want to dwell more precisely on the Bachai Gardens. This is a huge variety of plants, luscious bright greenery, flat lawns, fountains and ponds, garden and park ensembles, a beautiful view from above to the port and the Mediterranean Sea. The garden consists of 13 cascading tiers. For visitors only three of them are open, but this is enough to enjoy the beauty of this place.


Thank you for your submission to my challenge. The winner will be announced in my next post very soon. Stay tuned. Tomas

Here is my entry for Asia. This is the traditional hand washing fountain known as "temizuya" in the small Shitaya Shrine near Ueno, Tokyo. The shrine was originally built on the Ueno plateau in 730, and was moved to the eastern foot in 1627. It was moved again in 1680 and one final time in 1928 due to rezoning of Tokyo. The shrine was the guardian god of the Shitaya area and was widely believed in, as such a part of this area was named "Inari chou" after "Shitaya Inari" which is the former name of the shrine in Edo period.
SPC Asia sept..jpg


Thank you for your submission to my challenge. The winner will be announced in my next post very soon. Stay tuned. Tomas

The most imperative thing I adapted so far is to be perceptive on the grounds that my initial introduction of a place or a people might be fairly skewed. When I initially came to Beijing, I saw it, I thought "cool, I am in China" and "the city is so colossal" yet not long after the oddity of it wore off, I was somewhat despondent with China. It had filthy roads with heaps of junk, the air was contaminated and rather sickening, and I expected that the general population reflected that a bit in cleanliness and mentality. That began to change a bit when I rode the metro surprisingly. It was effective and fantastically perfect. I likewise made it sort of a diversion to look at individuals and grin. They quite often reacted with a grin and a gesture. I likewise did not by any means see much in the method for rottenness on their people, everybody was perfect (and fairly in vogue) from what I could tell. My recognition changed much more when I communicated with local people. Everybody was understanding with the Laowai that did not speak Chinese. They were all exceptionally pleasing and kind to us. I had two discussions with arbitrary Beijingers. The first run through was on the tram setting off to the winged animal's home when an undergrad came up to me and got some information about my camera. We at that point visited for some time about photography, at that point proceeded onward to simply life and tentative arrangements. The second time was on the ninth when, at the pearl advertise, one of the shop young ladies that we were holding up by chose to visit with us instead of push her products. She was an understudy likewise, same age as us, and the little girl of a retailer who was helping her mom man the stall. What I saw as a filthy and, truly, a somewhat savage or abusive place ends up being a place with great sustenance and awesome individuals who, notwithstanding living in an extensive city, are not off but rather more than compensate for it through their nourishments and their activities. My early introduction of Beijing was valid, however it was a shallow perception and was not merited. The place that I initially needed to leave ASAP turned into a place with fabulous recollections and abandons me with a want to return.
Beijing - My adventures in Asia.png


Thank you so much for participating and submitting your photo and great effort you put into your post. However, the post entry is to be somewhere between 30 to 50 words which you have exceeded significantly. Have a great day and hope to see you back again. Tomas

On the Asian side of Istanbul you can find this amazing structure - the Blue Mosque. It is very impressive during the night and you can even go inside... just make sure you have something to cover your head if you're a lady.


This is the inside...



Thank you for your submission to my challenge. The winner will be announced in my next post very soon. Stay tuned. Tomas

This is a local restaurant in Okinawa. Its decorations are very traditional and you can have a taste of the local culture in Japan. Customers are expected to sit in the Seiza way when they are having meals.

2016-05-26 13.59.15.jpg


Thank you for your submission to my challenge. The winner will be announced in my next post very soon. Stay tuned. Tomas

This picture of the torii gate was taken outside of the Fushimi Inari Shrine @ Kyoto, Japan. It is famous for its thousands of torii gates behind this building and is a must see location if you ever visit Kyoto.



Thank you for your submission to my challenge. The winner will be announced in my next post very soon. Stay tuned. Tomas

Polhena Beach in Sri Lanka | Asia Continent..

Galle is very famous town in down south in our country.. When we are travelling, We were visited to the Polhena Beach near to Matara, Sri Lanka.. Polhena Beach is a very famous place for having bath and swimming for locals and also foreigners..

Thank you for a great picture! I do like it a lot but it was submitted after the deadline, therefore, cannot be considered. Hope to see you back again though! Have a great day. Tomas

great post. keep it up


Thank you so much!

Hello all! I will upvote the winning pictures and pick the winner sometime tomorrow morning and start a new challenge of Australia then. All the competing photos for today have to be entered by midnight of Central European Time. Any entries after this time will not be considered for the contest. Thank you all and have a great day steeming. Tomas



Good job bro,Maybe you are busy but if you are not busy I just post about the beauty of orchid flowers maybe you can comment sorry can not contribute in your challenge because I have not got a cool holiday photos in the post.have a great day Tomas. Best Regard


Great idea Tomas. I hope it is greatly successful. I will definitely be participating. ;)

Great initiative but I don't have a decent camera to participate yet, also my phone broke down yesterday :(


This might be a good reason to get a new one:)


Price tags scare me. Entry level camera is 500 $ :(

the strength of asia and beauty, china greatwall.


Thank you for your submission to my challenge. The winner will be announced in my next post very soon. Stay tuned. Tomas

Absolutely gonna participate! Can I use some watermark on it?

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Amazing idea to join it @czechglobalhosts how to be participate ?

Warm Regard from Aceh-Sumatra

Congratulations @czechglobalhosts
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Best.. I like it

Great idea!

This is an amazing challenge. Full support for your effort. Couldn't think of a better challenge than this to show the beauty of the world.


Thank you so much for your encouragement. I hope you will participate at some point:)..... Have a great Sunday! Tomas


Its good effort and

great and awesome challenge. Keep it up.Congrats @czechglobalhosts
100% upvoted... cheers...


This wonderful view I saw in Kobe, in Japan. The city is somehow divided into two parts - a technological and natural one. Here on the top there is a garden as well. I could spend there all day, but had opportunity to visit this place just for 2 hours. A breathtaking view!
To see the photo full size one should open it in a separate window.

Next round I will participate this! Congratz for all Asian regional participants!


  ·  3년 전

Where's what about new Zealand



Oh well, this would be a tricky to answer as most would argue it is a separate and goes under Zealandia which really is not a continent. Some would consider it under Oceania which once again is not a continent. Let me be a judge here and let it be a part of Australian challenge tomorrow. Hope that will satisfy the most of you.