When something takes up the vast majority of the day, you have to be careful!!!当有一样东西占据了你一天之中的绝大部分的时候,你要小心了!!!

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Sometimes, it is not helping even you know it is wrong and meaningless

I have spent 3-4 hours per day using the phone and PC, without achieving anything, which I feel upset and anxious. I dare not think further. However, I just can’t stop blaming myself, feeling guilty everytime I indulge myself, which is not helping me at all.

I said to myself many times that I want to set a goal from tomorrow. I set the goal but did nothing. It happens before, it happens now and it is happening in the future. How could this help without determination at all?
总是决心从头再来 又何尝不是对没有勇气回望自己曾经犯下的错误的借口?当决心成了口号,坚持成了尝试,人生也许就成了玩笑。

Sometimes we may not really understand the truth we said, particularly for us students.We are familiar with various social cases and philosophy of life from young to old.Therefore, we thought we ourselves know clearly what you mean by saying these,a nd also we seemed to be mature and could well behave . But is it really the same as what we thought abou?

I thought a lot tonight. Maybe, at some moments, you just grow up. And I really hope that I were at that moment!

Thank you very much.

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