[ABC] Chinese PUBG, Ring of Elysium(Tencent) 링 오브 엘리시움(텐센트)

2년 전

Ring of Elysium is made by Tencent, one of Chinese biggest company.

It's Early access yet.

● Released date

● There are good comments and rating at steam platform.

● Follow me
Twitch: https://goo.gl/Cw3n2x
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BiliBili: https://goo.gl/qoKfrT

●Live streaming
It's at UTC 17:00(KST 01:00) at every day.
Channels: Youtube, Twitch, BliBli, Steam(for only steam game)

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I tried playing Ring of Elysium. It's fun, but there are no servers near my country so I gave up because of lag.


There were some features i think it needs to develop more but it animation was cool. very smooth.
thats too bad for internet .. but just 20 years ago. people couldnt talk global way like we here.
I hope there is no ping an lag in gaming within next some years :)


I hope there is no lag

I wish, but because of the speed and router limitations, an internet signal ends up very limited. We'd have to completely replace routing, our current networking system.

Well played and liked the soundtrack played


yeah i didn't talk about the sound but it is good :)