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I like both old trains and trams but yes those poor horses didn't think people climbed on top like that looks like something I seen in India, didn't they have any wine for you in the tram or did you have a few beers? @joythewanderer


Exactly. How did you like India? We only drink beers here sadly :(

The trams look more classic than the ones I saw in Antwerp before.


Old trams are much nice than the current ones. How about in sg?


we have no tram. there was some vehicles like trolley rides before for tourist and since been converted for shuttling.

I love trains and trams. Thanks for sharing. It’s a shame the automobile lobby had this sustainable form of transportation removed from many cities but great to see them still in use and being reintroduced in many cities also.


Thanks for coming by, Stephen. Luckily in many cities you still see them. In China we used to have them, now you almost never see them.

I want to visit Brussels!


lol, I'm happy cos most people thing Brussels is rather boring.


Haha I'm excited to travel to any country I've never visited before.

Lisbon is a very beautiful city, I visited it many years ago, there is a city called Santa Ana where the sea is nearby, there are some beautiful landscapes, greetings!

Belguim beer is my favorite. Let's have one together sometime.
That Woluwe River exhibit is spooky. Great shots!!


Thanks for dropping by, Reecca!
Good to know you like Belgian beers, you should come visit Belgium then.

  ·  2년 전




thats a step back in time how cool is that love old trains and trams


Me too, old trams are much better the those new ones!


ohh yes in a lot of ways they are and I do love ve them but

For my work day commutes my fern trains are a little t faster lol

Hey Joy..what a wonderful post..great pictures..i love it..full upvote greets from Germany


Thanks, we are neighbors!

We love trams and are currently in Lisbon ... we're in heaven!


Ah, then you must Love Lisbon! Enjoy the lovely city!


We do so far ... we're here until the end of February for our Lisbon Blog! We kind of want to live here :)

Great Style! really liked it. Hope to see you in next SF

The train museum in Brussels looks like a cool place to go see. Hopefully I can go there one day. Followed and upvoted my friend.

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