Steem Node Exchange Tool - A chrome extension for saving steemian in China


For some reason, is no longer accessible in China.
Steemian can only build vpn, shadowsocks or other tools to use and related applications.
The Chinese area is very difficult......
So, I developed this tool。

What is the Steem Node Exchange Tool?

The Steem Node Exchange Tool is a chrome extension used to switch DAPP's Steem API node.
Using this tool, Chinese users can use existing resources to directly use steem dapps except without violating any regulations.
For example,,,, etc.
No need vpn, shadowsocks, or another proxy,just use the existing full api node。

Simple UI


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Thank you for your contribution @liuzhixiang ! I think this is very useful! Here are a few things I'd like to see in the future versions

  1. allow users to customize a list of nodes - manually
  2. allow users to choose the fastest/usable node automatically
  3. not just Chinese... I believe this extension can be used globally which allows users to pick the closest/fastest node. So a UI in English will be nice.

Regarding other aspects:

  1. You can tag your versions so that it will be listed in Release
  2. More screenshots will help to understand the plugin better.
  3. I haven't see the code to actually replace the node - is it already working?

+1 for using Vue framework in developing the chrome extension.
Looking forward to your next version!

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@justty thanks 行长 for the review. I agree the extension could be helpful globally if built right.


It works well for and according to our sanity test. Check another brief user manual here:


Sorry for jumping in to answer the questions about the source code. @liuzhixiang should be the best person to reply.

I just reviewed the code today, and the code for redirecting the server node/urls could be found here:


Thanks for justyy and robertyan

It has been put on working already.

When I posted the following post on the 15th, I didn't even think about doing this.

I had to finish it on the weekend, so it was a little bit hasty.

I will add the functionality of custom nodes and English UI in the next version.


Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!


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