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Whenever I stress myself I feel like I sit in my garden When I get cool cold air under the trees there, I feel very relaxed and my heart is relaxed. I just do driving and I get tired of constantly moving So I feel like now maybe I should quit my job because when the body asks for rest and we cannot get rest So it makes me feel better to spend a day or two and spend time with my friends It also makes my mind light and relaxes the body and also increases the enthusiasm to go on duty. Maybe I think it is right or not, but according to me I feel right Because Sir, it was better than the accident My job is very risky because with me I have a lot of passengers that I have to take care of very much If my thinking is correct, please reply me in the comment box. And at the same time the biggest support of all of you is me, which is what makes me excited to struggle to live life ahead Many thanks to all of you for reading my post.20191012_135209.jpg20191012_135412.jpg20191012_135331.jpg

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