SM Daily – 061419 Daily Reward Result – Traded some DEC for liquid steem | 賣掉了一些DEC :)


What's up, Splinters! I will be calling us splinters since it sounds more badass.

Hope everything is great and well.

Much love the introduction of DEC. I just sold 2000 DEC on steem-engine at the price of 4.8 steem.

Can't believe this game can actually earn through playing rank games instead of the speculation of the value of the cards.

Now with that earning, I can now reinvest into the game by buying new cards, new orbs or potions. Hopefully to strengthen my decks to reach a higher rank.

Splinters! 希望一切都很好。

非常喜歡DEC, 我剛剛以4.8 STEEM的價格在steem-engine上賣出2000 DEC。

很開心這個遊戲可以讓玩家通過玩排名遊戲來賺取STEEM, 而不只是炒賣卡本身的價值。

現在有了這個收入,我現在可以通過購買新卡,orbs or potions來重覆投資卡組。 希望加強到更高的排名等級。

As always here is my daily reward from the daily quest. I say this is good. How are yours doing?

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 11.33.46 PM.png


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