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CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers on their own website (hoping we wouldn’t notice) now Only 9,210 Americans have Died From COVID-19 – the Rest Had Different/Other Serious Illnesses which caused the death. Majority had average of 2.6 other comorbities.

The COBRA Death Report was a document that did not require you to know your race or sex, age, race, or ethnicity. It required you only to say you were "a citizen of the United States, subject to the jurisdiction thereof, and a male". This was made clear by the COVID report. In short, if you didn‪t have a COVID number, you were not eligible for COBGRA.

The federal law that established COBIRA did prohibit discrimination based on race and ethnicity, but it didn't define race. So, the federal government didn´t even require race to be included in COBLA.

This was the first time in history that the government made it a crime to discriminate based only on your gender identity and/or sexual orientation. If they had done this earlier, many more people would have been able to get coverage.


do you want to convert to Islam? Do you like Malay girls? I will tell my father that I’m a Muslim. He would love me and take care of me. But the thing is, it is difficult for him because he doesn’t understand what Islam is. It takes years before we start talking about it, let alone practicing it.

Q:‪What was your view of Trump‖s response to the Orlando attack?‏

I don t know what Trump had in mind. He just said he would let them decide how they wanted to handle it. If you have a terrorist attack like that and people want to take guns away from people, then that's a different thing. But when he's saying, "We'll be able to tell you how we're going to treat you," that is a big leap.

您要不要进回教?你爱不爱马来 girl?我会告诉父亲我是穆斯林。他会爱我,照顾我。但问题是,对他来说很难,因为他不了解伊斯兰教是什么。我们开始谈论它需要花费很多年,更不用说实践它了。



do you want to convert to Islam? Do you like Malay girls? The answer, as I know from my own experience, is "no" — not in the sense that I want them to be raped, but I do not want women to suffer because of their sexuality.

Yes, you read that right. It is actually not a bad thing that the Malayan girls are all Malaysian, and I am not making any other claims about the Malays as a race.

This is just another example of how ignorant people can be. The Malaysian women who were killed in this incident have been brought up to believe they belong to their own country. Why should they be held up as martyrs?"

The victim's mother was quoted as saying by local media: "We want to be united by the national anthem. If the Malaysian girls were Pakistani, they would be considered as Pakistani by us as well, but they are Malaysian and it is not correct to say that all Malay women are Pakistani.

您要不要进回教?你爱不爱马来 girl?根据我的经验,答案是“不”,不是我要他们被强奸,而是我不希望妇女因其性而遭受痛苦。




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