Late Night Dining: Szechuan Dan Dan Noodle 我的深夜食堂:担担面

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Shanghai is a city that never sleeps, not only bars but also lots of restaurants open after midnight. After work overtime, or a late party, there are diners still waiting for you in the neighborhood serving some comforting food.

Last weekend I went to watch a great movie called 'Paths of the Soul' which is about Tibetans went a pilgrimage of over 2,000 km on foot and prostrating on the ground every 7 steps. It took them over a year the finish the road trip as repetitive prostrating is hard, they can only walked 10 km per day. After a long day of walk, just eat the simplest food, sleep in camps, but they have purest and beautiful smile on their face, and that is the most touching part of the movie to me.

After the movie I felt hungry and went to this Szechuan Dan Dan noodles. Dan Dan noodle got the name as in the past it was sold to passersby by porters(Dan Dan), and now become one of the most popular Szechuan dishes. This diner also serves cold appetizers, very similar to Spanish tapas. Besides their signature noodle, I also ordered pork ear and seaweed with tofu.



The diner provides charging docks, a good point


Here comes the Dan Dan noodle. It can be with or without soup option, and I prefer with soup as the noodle can absorb all the flavor from the broth. The toppings are minced-pork, peanuts, pickles, lettuce and green unions.

A scoop of chili oil is necessary.

A bowl of Noodle with two cold dishes, plus a great movie, what a delightful Saturday night.


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I want to eat now because of that.


@cryptopie got you a $0.01 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@cryptopie got you a $0.01 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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How delicious and delicious it is, you have caused me to eat, a great publication you have made. Congratulations.


Wow double delicious, good point

Noodle are great but we don't have such varieties here in Nigeria


What a pity!

Good food! Good photos!


My pleasure:)

wow :O very delecious maybe one day if I come there I will go there =)


Haha contact me before you go


yea sure =)

Great post thanks ... now i am hungry!

It seems extremely delicious. I just want to grab them from the pictures itself.

Looks incredible! And I bet yournight was more incredible than this looks!

I just love noodles! Those look so delicious)

Mmm. Noodles sound delicious but pork ear? Gristle surely. X

Looks so delicious @stacee

Definitely sounds like a good relaxing night. Those noodles are making me hungry now!raw noodles.gif

Szechuan Dan Dan Noodle sounds good man enjoy ;)


It's great! Take a try

good !!!!!!

I am hungry now!
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Those noodles looks delicious!! NOM NOM NOM :P