Simple and Deli Recipes for Friday dinner: Fresh Seafood and Veggies 星期五晚菜谱:有鱼有贝有蔬菜,好吃又简单

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TGIF! Friday night is the happiest night of the entire week, no work for two days and time for the family! For dinner tonight I prepared seafood of the season: boiled clam with wine, steamed fish with green unions, plus stir-fried veggies. The procedures are all very simple, minimum seasonings are required, and three dishes can be finished within only half an hour.


  1. Steam fish with green unions. I prefer whole fresh fish, but thawed fish fillet from frozen will also do. Ginger is necessary to remove the fishy smell especially for whole fish as I find it somehow more smelly...Green unions is to add aroma same use of parsley.

Chop ginger and green unions into slices and place it around the fish, leave half of green unions for seasoning sauce.

Steam the fish for 10 minutes and at the same prepare the seasoning sauce: green unions, about 2 table spoons of soy sauce, 2 table spoons of water, and 2 table spoons of oil. Boil the sauce.

10 minutes passed! Transfer the fish onto the place and serve with seasoning. This way to cook fish will present all the original taste, and of course the original look of fish:)


Boiled Clam with wine. Use beer or wine instead of water to boil seafood is always a good idea. First wash the clam:

Prepare some ginger and green unions

Add all of above, wine, salt or soy sauce and boil for about 5 minutes is enough and done!

Stir-fried veggies. Today I have local celery and sweet peppers. Local celery has stronger flavor and leaves are sweet and tender, a good appetizer for summer.

Drop into pieces:

Start to stir-fry. Sequences are important and peppers should go first as it takes longer time to cook, and then add celery and stir-fry for about 3-5 minutes. Finish with a pinch of salt ( for me I add 1/8 teaspoon)

Ready to serve!

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Great post. You got my upvote :D

looks delicious. thanks


My pleasure!


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Looks as delicious as long as it takes to prepare :'(


It worth all the efforts when the family enjoyed it:)

it does look tasty and healthy. what type of cooking oil is used ?


I'm not quite picky about cooking oil:) Normally I use sunflower seed oil.

Looks healthy and delicious. Resteemed.



That looks delicious 😁 what fish are you using?


It's trout:)



that looks great ....pound that upvote button .....My dad is s chiefcook would you mind to upvote his recipe maybe you find it usefull thank you very much I appreciate it

Looks Yummy! Great pictures!



What a delicious sounding and looking meal. The ingredients all seem fresh and nutritious, thoughtfully prepared . My mouth is watering looking at the beautiful photos. Great description. Now I'm hungry. Thank you. Great post @stacee.


I'm glad you like it! Bon appetit!