I Wish You All A Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐

3년 전


Fireworks start to explode, numerous shops are closed and the streets are almost empty. Yes, it´s Chinese New Year once again and almost everyone is on his or her way back home to their family to celebrate the lunar new year together with the ones they love.

Luckily it´s currently quite quiet around cryptocurrency so that all traders out there can enjoy some relaxed days without having to worry too much about their holdings. At least I expect that there won´t be much happening the next days so that you all can lean back a bit more than usual 😉

Nonetheless I expect great things happening after the new year celebrations, whenever everyone has been talking about cryptocurrency back home and eventually persuaded their friends and family to get involved during the early days and current lows. But let´s worry about this another time, it´s no time for trading right now but time to celebrate and enjoy spending time with friends and family.

事业有成 & 身体健康
I Wish Everyone Good Health & Lots Of Success!

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新春快乐 狗年大吉!


Thank you :)

Very exciting time ahead @steembusiness. The celebration begins for real this time..


Yeah very exciting times indeed :) Have a nice weekend ;)


Thank you very much @steembusiness..

Happy Chinese New Year!!!


Same to you :)

happy new year may this year bring great tidings and good blessing , have a blast 2018

Crypto is the most important topic now days for people who are lucky to be aware of it :) Happy New Year!


Crypto will change the world or better said, they are already changing it :)

I am from Pakistan, love China and Chinese people, stay blessed i wish all the best

Chinese new year?
I never knew that until today.
So what do they call 1st January ?


Honestly, you´ve never heard about it before? It´s like the biggest festival here in Asia :) Regarding the 1st January I think they just call it 1st January :P

Last night someone was banging fireworks batteries in South East London. I guess I know why now lol.

Have a bountiful year ahead!


wasn't it in february? wtf you talking about or I'm confused?


It´s february right :P

Nice to read about you and you posts and views. I am into steemit from august 2017, I am interested in photography and I am also into crypto trading and investing,I have followed you so you can also follow me. Let us all join hand and work with one common objective to make steemit reach to great height.
Best Of luck