Funny ways to find a girlfriend in HK :D 如何在香港找個女朋友(搞笑版)

5년 전

Bello My Steemit friends!   

It's me Swag Princess from Hong Kong again.   

Today I would like to share funny ways to find a girlfriend in Hong Kong!!   

Hong Kong girls are actually pretty fun, down-to-earth, straightforward and fashionable! 

You just need a walk up to them to start a conversation :D   


This is me wearing qipao at PMQ Central :)

Method 1: Take MTR and say Hi  

MTR is the public train in HK   

I once took MTR on my way to work. The guy standing next to me asked “Do you work nearby this station?” and that’s how the conversation started. Though in the morning at 8am, it could get a bit awkward Hahaha But hey at least you got a new friend :)  

Method 2: Just walk up to a girl that you want to talk to and ask for her whatsapp   

In HK, the most common way of communicating is through whatsapp. My best friend was approached by a guy who asked for her whatsapp while window shopping at a mall. He literally just walked up to her and asked “May I have your whatsapp” lol straightforward and direct.     

Method 3: (Be warned, it is quite lame) Buy two ice cream cones and share the one standing behind you 

I have not yet been approached this way. But please let me know if any audience here has tried Hahaha Don’t hit me for this point okay!!   

Method 4: Always prepare a handful of pick-up lines!! 

Such as “Have we met before” LOL “You look familiar to me”   

Please leave a message below and share with me your methods! I would like to listen to your experience too! 

Haha Have a nice day everyone! Happy Monday and Dont' slack at work okay! Jkjk

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Steemit 的朋友,你們好!又是我swag princess :D   

今日我想同大家分享一下怎樣找個香港的女朋友 (搞笑版) 其實香港的女仔一般都好友善,搞笑,直接。 我們很喜歡有個句,就講果句。   你只要有勇氣同信心,其實可以認識到一個香港的女朋友。   

方法一: 搭地鐵同人say hi 


方法二: 直接問那個女仔的電話號碼   




有幾老土就得幾老土,如果試了以上方法都不行,千萬別打我 :P 因為這篇文章是純粹娛樂大家:P   

開心星期一 ❤ 記得明天準時上班lol 

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Funny post. Great work.

I would like that girls in my country are communicative as in HK. I would like to visit HK someday, or soon as possible. Thanks for great post.


Which country are you from :)?
Girls are quite outspoken in HK heheh


But, but how? :)) Your post proofs different :)
I am from east Europe unfortunately.


Whereabouts in East Europe :)? Czech or Hungary
come visit HK! Then you can find one easily :P


No, I have no problem with girls personally, just tell, here if you say "Hi" some girl on street she could tell you bad things. Unfortunately non of that countries, it's much worse, Serbia.

Nice post. Very informative and entertaining to the reader. Your beautiful and should not have any problems meeting new people. Good work and good content. Will continue to follow. Enjoyed your post.


Thank you steppingout! Looking forward to your upcoming posts as well :D


Your welcome. Stay in touch. Will follow and look out for you.

So... does that mean you're single?!? :)


then you need to follow me to find out hahah


Ive been following you since your intro post :) resteemed it right away also.. I like your swag ;)

interesting! i’m wondering would it be succeed to make a girlfriend, haha😂 at least i’m not dare to try it🙈


the suggestions above are just for fun hahah dont take it so seriously haha

If I ever manage to successfully convince my girlfriend to leave me, I've been meaning to try approaching a hot girl at a bar and say

"Hi, I'm Dave. I'm going to keep buying you drinks until you find me attractive."


then that hot girl will definitely become very fat hahah but thats a nice one!!


Haha well hopefully I'm not thaaaaat ugly ;)




AH!!!! I heard that one last month!! Did you use it on other girls :P?


oh no...someone really did that....!?


男:小姐, 你偷左我D嘢, 可唔可以俾返我?
女:下? 我偷左D咩?
男:你頭先明明靜雞雞偷左我個心去, 可唔可以俾返我?



That guy seemed to uni student playing O Camp. So we didnt hahah

HK girls are tough! Guess I'll have to keep trying... or go to another country :P


no.. HK girls are friendly!!! Come to HK haha

Congratulations @swagprincess!
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Thank you :DDD

This dog is too old for pick up lines. I walk up to the ladies and they start laughing and walk away before I get a bark out.


Nah! Don't think they will laugh at you haha Just have to be a bit brave to do that i know :)


This dog is brave but NOT that brave!

Pfft I have no idea how I'd react if somebody randomly bought me an ice cream. I'd probably stand there stammering like an idiot while my brain tries to figure out the correct response, haha;;;;;

I don't actually like people to buy me things unless I know them really well, and then I always pay them back?? But if a total stranger was just like "here, have an ice cream", I think my brain would give me a Blue Screen of Death LMAO


Though strangely, if it happened to someone else... I'd probably just be like "AWWW that is so cute!!" and think he was a cool guy XDDD

dumb logic is dumb LMAO


haha Thats so cute your comment Ashi.
Apologise in advance due to my lack of Japanese culture, is your name a guy or girl's name?

I like your computer blue screen illustration haha i think it speaks all girls' mind if a guy treats them ice cream haha


I'm actually from America XD;; Ashi is an abbreviation of Ashidoodle, one of my older usernames. It's Ashley + doodle lol.
I didn't know Ashi was a Japanese name? But anyway, I'm a girl! :3c
Well I actually identify as "androgynous", but I'm female lol

Hehe, yeah ice cream is a nice thought... but it would probably shock most girls xD