Is Cobinhood Undervalued? Get Paid to Review - Oracle-D First Challenge

3년 전

I want to set a challenge to readers of this blog to help us take a look at Cobinhood, and write your own constructive reviews of their website, exchange products and bounty programs.

undervalued cobinhood COB.png

Over the next two weeks, and hopefully beyond, I will be focusing on up voting bloggers who help with these reviews in order to ensure that the highest quality blogs with the most valuable reviews are well rewarded! I look forward to reading your thoughts! Please give appropriate, honest positive and negative feedback about the Cobinhood Project.



There are rules as to how you should lay your blogs out. There is no need to put your full review into one blog if you do not wish!

  • At least 3 review blogs from each steemian
  • Each review blog should review at least 3 separate parts of the Cobinhood project (I have listed below some examples of what you can review / Write about).
  • One summary blog that will explain your opinion about if you think Cobinhood is undervalued or not and why.
  • Each blog shall include the DISCLAIMER shown at the end of this blog
  • Once you have written each blog you should provide evidence that you have shared it on your social media accounts (if you have other social media accounts).
  • Tag the blog with the following: #cobinhood, #oracle-d, #cob, #undervaluedcoin and #trading

undervalued cobinhood COB1.png


  • A link to the Cobinhood Website:
  • An image of the Cobinhood logo
  • IMPORTANT: any images shall have the words "undervalued cobinhood COB" included in the file name before they are dragged into your steemit mark down blog. This ensures that the images are placed high in google searches for undervalued coins.

undervalued cobinhood COB2.png



The campaign will be ongoing for two weeks, if it is successful we will look to extend this period. We want to generate as much traffic as possible as soon as possible, so the first bloggers to review and post will most likely be rewarded more.

If the blogs written as part of this challenge are successful and of high quality, I am confident that there will be plenty more of this type of work to come!

I will be up voting from the account @undervaluedcoins

I look forward to reading your blogs.


This shall not be taken as financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and none of your investing should be carried out based on any information presented here. You can lose all of your money investing in crypto currencies. The information above is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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Amazing post, looks pretty awesome @starkerz.
It will change the cryptos.
And it will become our next future.

Thanks for sharing this post.


My pleasure @arpitarthore! I hope I get to read your reviews of this coin!

I have not heard about cobinhood but now I will tey to now about cobinhood but thanks for this initiative that you have taken to support minnows @starkerz


Hey @ajmalaftab, please tell your followers that they can get paid for reviewing cobinhood in this way. :) We look forward to seeing your review blogs too!

Looks pretty interesting could be a game changer in the world of crypto :)


Who knows! maybe your reviews can be the catalyst? ;))


wow this is really amazing

Great initiative @starkerz ! Great to see how fast the first project is moving forward.
Regards, @gold84


This is one of many upcoming! exciting times... I hope you can find time to write one of your high quality reviews!

✅Cobinhood is the world's first cryptocurrency market that provides one-stop service for ICO cryptocurrency and underwriting trades, which aims to solve existing Cryptocurrency problems. One of the main advantages of the Cobinhood Platform is the absence of free trade (0% fee), so traders will get all the profits from their cryptocurrency trade.

Thanks for your posting @starkerz. I will sharing this info by resteem your posting, and my others social media account. Good luck 😊



Great comment!! It would be great, if oyu had some time to read your reviews of the project... I look forward to seeing them if you decide to go into this in more detail!

Great! I've been joining @originalworks' contests and I really fimd this exciting as well. Count me in!


Cool! will be great to see what you produce!

Good to see the first Oracle-d project roll out so quicky! Is there are team of 25 little Starkotech's working in the background.
I think the recognition and rewards on offer here for high quality review posts are excellent and should gather a great community of informed reviews.


Im really excited! We will hopefully be able to pay people some money for reviewing a project... Interesting times, Thanks for your ongoing great support of this work @cryptocurator!

Great project! Resteemed for a wider reach. Will take a look at it soon.


I hope you can find time to write a review, or at least let your followers know where they can make a little money doing valuable work. Looking forward to your blogs!!

Will certainly take a look at this. Thanks

@eurogee of @euronation community


Awesome! I really look forward to reading your communitie's reviews of this worthy platform!

Hmmm interesting and I think I need to learn more about this...


We hope that the reviewer learns something new, about how they can earn extra tokens and participate in exchanges and that they are able to give some high quality, honest reviews about the platform and website.

Yes dear, @starkerz it's new for me.but i try to understand this.


Cool! just chekc out cobinhood's webiste and services and write high quality blogs! If the blogs are high quality enough (as per what is outlined above) they will be rewarded. I look forward to seeing your work!


thanks @starkerz for vote.

Am in and i like the disclaimer..!!


I love it @jaraumoses! I look forward to reading your blogs!!

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to earn something for ourselves. There is no better way to create awareness of a project. This contest will help us know more about cobinhood too.


Agreed! I think Cobinhood is a project and team worthy of our best work! So I am looking forward to seeing the quality of reviews

I think I really need to learn about @starkerz first rightnow before I read all about cobinhood ;)


Hhaahha! no, no @starkerz not interesting, much more interesting is Cobinhood! :))

This is an amazing initiative @starkerz... I will be sharing with my followers. Also, I would suggest though I'm not sure if it's possible to use the contest tag as one of the tags.


Interesting, This way we can instill a competitive nature to the reviews. Can you let me know if there are any criteria for doing this? Or I can just use the tag with this blog as it is already?


Absolutely @starkerz! All you need to do is edit the post change any of the tags to "contest"


Cheers, I have updated!

Nice. Cool post

Oke, @starkerz, will start sharing this info by resteemed the post, as well as sharing this link through my others social media account so that my followers will be able to access the info.

Its a very interesting challenge, I will try to learn so that will be able to review the website.

Btw, I didn't find the deadline of this challenge in the post. Is there? Thanks.


Awesome!! I look forward to reading what you think about Cobinhood. This will last for 2 weeks, but hopefully will be extended following that period.

I love this initiative


I look foward to your blogs on this )


Looking forward to your reading your reviews!!


I will be doing a review soon but i have resteemed for more reach @starkerz. This is an amazing project and i will see it moon. Great one!


Thanks, @atare, Please note that we are not trying to pump the price here, just looking for honest, open feedback and reviews!

Thanks for sharing

I watched the video and spent some time checking out Cobinhood but I don't think this is a good project for me @starker. My knowledge of trading is practically non-existent and, I realised, looking around, that that means that I'm not able to judge what is and isn't good about a trading platform.

Also, my followers wouldn't expect these types of posts from me unless I could tie it into personal experience which, as I'm not trading right now, I can't.

However, I know a couple of people who might be interested so I'll pass this link onto them.

I hope you get lots of good quality posts! 😊


Cheers Gillian! Please bare in mind that this is the first project from oracle-d. There will be many more different types in the future, to cater for all types of different writers!


Yeah. I know that @starkerz I just wanted to let you know why I wasn't doing this particular one. I didn't want you thinking I was ignoring you. 😁


hehe! thank you!

I don't think so.