ANN - Re Launch of STEEM AUTO

2년 전

After @mahdiyari abandon steemauto and moved his services over to hive , many communities were hurt as they relied to the automated curation trail they have been using . Me and My team finally were able to assemble the (what was left code) in the github to re-create STEEMAUTO . Please bookmark and you can enjoy those features again .

This was a messy job to finish and has hampered the launch of our exclusive project OPENMARKT , however we are one again focused back on working on it and need more time for launch . This is a hard re-assembly of the original creators git so bugs are expected and it also needs a cleanup (which i am gonna do tomorrow ) . For Furter more details you can join our discord .

We are dedicated to meet any requiremnt steem and its community would have .

Vote for our witness and suppot our initiative .

i would call any developers on steem , working on any projects to use #codeonsteem so we can gather together and non of you get missed .

i would like also like to give a shout out to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 to feature this post in their blog , (it helps to get a broader audience )

Signing off

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This post has been rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project. #communitycuration06

It's great news.
I don't understand something: It says posting key, then, I can't enter without the active key:


Thank you very much @steem-supporter for your efforts to help us here.

Fix bugs, some users have status "DISABLED".

A very much needed tool!! Thanks for the contribution to many projects and the curation efforts!!
Best winds for your developments and tools!!

Absolutely awesome, have been waiting for this for a long time now (at least it feels that way)!

Excellent work, congratulations and many successes

Thank you for this very useful tool.
Is there a fee for the fanbase? How much it is?


there is no fees for using steemauto
but you can always donate us

Very nice!

This is an amazing job for the community, thanks for making it happen again. #SteemIsTalent

Amazing job to have steemauto back on track. This is such an important tool for users. You got all my witness votes for doing something really useful for the community.


thanks ,, and cheers that we can use automated curation back agin , more features will be avilable soon

This is great news! Thank you for relive steemauto on steem. We need this service as a helper. We will still do manual curation as our main task. Thanks again to your team. Steem on!


thanks .. and steem on

Thanks @steem-supporter for service enable.
I checked and found that it is some old version of steemauto. It will be better if you incorporate the post upvote wait time in seconds for upvote in 'Fanbase' as this feature was available in last version.

  ·  2년 전

Cool !
Thank you very much !
100% upvote + witness-vote added !

Great! Thank you!

How does steemauto work, pay to use the service?

Good work!

good stuff well done :)

It's great! Thank you.

Change its name and don't use our name.

This project is not in any way linked to @steemauto


why should i change the name ,, this has never been trademarked , plus the entire blockchain you guys are praising is a trademark theft as well .. you have abandoned this , so stay out of it