Coffee and caffeine...

3년 전

It's easier to gather your thoughts with coffee.

Maybe someone does not know ..., but

There are two kinds of coffee, I call them:

1. for taste, 2. to wake up

All over the world they are called Arabica and Robusta.

What is the main difference? - It's simple, the amount of caffeine and the amount of sugar.

Arabica contains up to 1.5% caffeine and 6% sugar.

Robusta contains up to 2.7% caffeine and 3% sugar.

It is caffeine that gives a bitter taste.

If this post is read by genetic engineers, yes guys, we remember that Arabica has 44 chromosomes, Robusta 22 chromosomes. ))

There are some other differences, but we are talking about the taste and that it has influence.

So if you need to wake up, drink coffee that contains a bit of Robusta.

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