I love coffee... but if I can't have a good one I will just pass...

3년 전

No doubt for many people coffee is just a way to kick start their day. Under the circumstances.. just about anything goes.

Personally I try to have a nice cup of coffee at home, before hitting the road. Sometimes though, at work, in the afternoon, you feel that a coffee would do you good. But you are at work and what they sell there hardly qualifies as coffee. It's just a caffeine jolt.
Under these circumstances I decide to pass. Sometimes I do go for instant coffee (yuck). That is the caffeine jolt and it is cheaper... At least we're not pretending here.

Wishing everyone a day started with the perfect cup ;D

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Welcome to Steemit (and thanks for commenting on my film guide piece)!

I hope you have lots of fun here. Coffee's awesome. :)

I highly recommend you do an introductory post using the 'introduceyourself' tag to give a little explanation about who you are, what you intend to use the platform for, and some of your likes and hobbies that you plan to create content around.

Introduction posts are a great way to find some followers and start on your way to using the platform to its fullest. If you need help crafting one, feel free to use one of mine as a template:


But don't upvote it. It's older than 7 days, and you're better off using your limited voting budget on posts that can earn rewards. :)

Have an awesome day (and a damn fine cup of coffee, if you can find it).


Thanks so much!
Man those wolves are awesome;D
I had to make that cup lol.
Wishing to you the same;D