The Coffee Grinder... Where the magic happens

3년 전

So you have found a source of freshly roasted coffee... now you need to grind these beans for the appropriate brewing method.

Many people could more easily accept spending lots of coin on a towering shiny coffee machine yet they almost skimp on the grinder. Why is that?
Maybe they want a nice machine just because they assume it must make better coffee... PLUS it looks good on the counter. It tells their friends that they arrived or they are some connoisseurs.

Most people skip grinding altogether either by buying preground or going to a cup system. Many other assume a blade type grinder is still a grinder and it should work depending on what brewing method they are using.
Yet other people go for a burr grinder or even hand grinder. No all burr grinders are born the same.
There are cheaper entry level units (in general under 100USD) which may work reasonably well for some brewing methods. In general you would want a much nicer grinder for some espresso machines. Buying a mildly used commercial grinder is always a viable option admitting you could fit it on your counter.

Personally I think that any coffee would benefit from a nice grinder from french press up to brews requiring a finer and very consistent particle size like lever espresso.

Having a towering commercial grinder on your counter may not be for everyone. I would then consider a manual grinder like a Zass. But again, need to make sure it can grind fine enough for your intended brewing method.

In the end always be aware that your grinder may hold you back from achieving that magic cup everyone deserves to start their day with!

So many coffees so little time:D

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