Coffee | Benefits & Risks

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For many of us, coffee is a part of our lives. I know people (me) who simply can’t function if they don’t drink their portion of coffee in the morning, and that makes sense: it gives us a lot of energy and it’s even nice tasting.


Coffee contains a lot of components that affect the human body on a chemical level. There are, of course, risks that come with the excessive use of coffee, but consumed in moderated quantities, it also brings a lot of benefits.


Many studies compared those who drink coffee everyday to those who don’t drink it at all, and it has been found that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing illnesses such as Alzheimer, dementia and Parkinson.

Also, a lot of people drink coffee because it stimulates memory. Those who drink coffee on a regular basis have better results on tests regarding time of reaction, verbal memory and visual reasoning.

The consume of coffee can reduce the risk of someone with diabetes down to a half. It also reduces the risk of developing liver illnesses, such as cirrhosis and primary hepatic cancer, but it can also save you from oral cancer or a cardiovascular illness.

It has substances that can stop the forming of caries. Let’s not forget about it’s diuretic effects.


One of the first risks of drinking coffee in big quantities is addiction. Specialty books don’t mention concrete things about these, but we’re all familiar with the psychological addiction we can develop from drinking coffee.

It can also deteriorate gastrointestinal cavities, and that can lead to gastritis. On some people, coffee has psychological effects, such as anxiety and irritability. It can also cause insomnia, but it usually depends on every person.

It is known that coffee is also involved in the high blood pressure. Another important aspect to mention is that coffee can have bad effects on a pregnant woman, or more precisely, on her baby. It seems that the substance can get into the baby’s blood, and it can have negative effects on it’s blood pressure.

As a conclusion, coffee can have bad effects when consumed excessively, but it’s not a bad thing if you drink a cup or two a day, if you don’t suffer from gastritis or a heart condition. Like many other substances, if it’s not abused, it can’t harm you.

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People all across the world are now waking up to the benefits of coffee which was once thought to be a health hazard. Caffeine, present in the coffee is a stimulant and it is the most effective pschoactive substance in the world.


I am luck if I drink 1 cup of coffee aday.. have gone to drinking more water and cups of tea now..

I love coffee, I only drink 2-4 cups a day, but, if I skip a day I often get really bad headaches... it for sure is addictive lol coffeeflow.jpg

that's pretty cool to know, thanks for this information .

i an addict and i take a 2 mugs every morning this is my poison and i love it

Drinking much coffee is surely become a addiction but this is also good for daily life as you mentioned in benefits. By the way coffee is not affordable for me so I am enjoying tea. You can also write about tea...

can also give some people heart palpitations.

drinking coffee for me can inspire, indeed coffee is amazing, I love coffee

thank you for your post,we 'll remind it.

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Its wonderful stuff about #coffee fiction. Thanks for describe and great information.
Appreciate the best of this event that you have done so well for this post and it is a great opportunity for your fellows to take the #steemit forward.
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I love coffee . Screw the risks I'm going to have a cup of coffee. Thank you for the reminder @jwolf

coffee is love, coffee is life!

A heart rocking write up from you boss....i just upvoted you now.... Upvote back let be close please

And I know why everyone Calling you sir just change your profile picture man.... Because you are looking too professional 😂😂😂

I drink coffee once a month. I drink more water. Thank you for sharing

thank you for this nice post, coffee also can causes calcium deficiency in the body, that's why After drinking coffee, calcium-containing foods should be eaten, Because drinking a cup of coffee containing 120 mg of caffeine causes a loss of 4 mg of calcium.

But that addiction is love i just love it :D

As you have mentioned above coffee can both benefit and harm you! For example, as far as I am concerned, drinking more than two cups a day can make me nervous and anxious. That's why drinking a moderate amount of coffee is important. Not too much nor too little. Balance in our life is very important!

I enjoy a couple a day, if i Have anymore my head is fuzzy.

My lady friend @jeangray adores coffee. I can enjoy a cup, but it's not my go to choice of energy. I prefer to get the mind going with a different drug :|

lol What kind of coffee do you like man?