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LOVE Air Coffee is another industrial idea of the whole coffee business. LOVE Air Coffee is a lot of building and computerized innovations, inside which another period of the whole coffee industry will rise.


As I referenced before, the team that founded the project has created and protected an equipment that is unique, which in the process carries out the air cooking of coffee beans, because of which they:

ready to limit the loss of the last weight of coffee after roasting;

improve its taste and fragrance. Because of the way that the grain will never again be in direct contact with the hot iron because of which during the time spent simmering the grains shaped breaks and different parts that influence the final quality of the drink;

additionally, another kind of preparing will allow to protect the most valuable properties of the coffee beans, just as decrease the season of their warmth treatment;

which will normally positively affect the whole money related side of the coffee procedure.


In spite of all its mass prominence, the coffee industry is as yet encountering various troubles and issues related in any case:

with diseases of coffee plants themselves;

with intricate and uncontrolled climatic features of the territory where coffee beans develop every year;

with further nature of the delivered grain;

with an expansive number of delegates;

with always drifting value level;

furthermore, other buyer mistakes, because of which the purchaser gets mutilated information about the acquired product which does not determine the different insect crawly bugs influencing the coffee trees themselves and their natural products.

Every one of these criteria influence the further nature of coffee, which is the primary wellspring of interest. All things considered, great coffee should meet the taste parameters, yet in addition the value, the brand's distinction, the nation of the producer and other criteria that decide the costly variety of coffee from shabby. Furthermore, as practice appears, you can ruin the coffee all around effectively and basically, it is important to damage the temperature routine of simmering. From that point forward, you won't get that refined taste and smell, and get dozens of tons of burnt grains, from which no taste, no advantage, no benefit.

To take care of this issue offers a team of experts who have created and licensed a totally new innovation of air cooking coffee beans, just as finished its whole idea of present day blockchain innovation.


On the off chance that we talk about the blockchain capacities, at that point this system will at last permit to reject countless between the maker and the buyer of the coffee itself, and will likewise permit to build up another plan of action of the whole coffee industry. For accommodation, the founders of LOVE Air Coffee will build up their decentralized application on their EVOL blockchain.

Inside the application, the client will approach such capacities as:

internal wallet;

Own social page, with all the ensuing tape (your chosen advantages and pertinent point, news);

private and public chats;

access to coffee companies and other related activities around there;

just as different sorts of search: by individuals, by interests, by navigation, etc


The application LOVE Air Coffee plans to make another open structure of communication between consumers of goods with their makers. Where continuously, on a straightforward blockchain it will be conceivable to by and by screen the nature of the obtained goods, share with your companions the impressions received, and furthermore get for your dynamic movement the inside tokens of the project, which later can be exchanged for a Cup of fragrant coffee or withdraw from the system through the built-in wallet.

Official resources of the LOVE Air Coffee project:

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