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Yes, as there many cryptocurrency crash do come and go but this is one of the biggest among them because not only top 10 coin price affected but whole chart is affect by this crash, as something is surely there or it may some type attack by hacker or something else, as there many hacker activity reported from December like stolen coins, free coin generated without hashing and many more but as we know if there is dropped in price then it surely something big is going to happen just like that price will surely go back up and reaches to all time highest record set by each cryptocurrency, but it surely takes time to recover because after this biggest crash there is some security will added to Blockchain technology and many coin owner will going to make partnership with different Global industry to get quick recovery from crash, because now if any cryptocurrency show smaller growth will become point of attention and will get millions of investor in just one day, as right now newly launched cryptocurrency become sensation because after initial coin offering there is always growth in price with huge growth, because they showing growth right now they getting more investor than top cryptocurrency.

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WOW #Awesome post.. Same to post agin!!!!