CoinMarketCap is opposed by community on Chainlink rating top 1 DeFi token

2개월 전

The well-known cryptocurrency ranking CoinMarketCap is faced with the wave of intense reaction after being rated Chainlink (LINK) as the largest DeFi token in the market capitalization.

The CoinMarketCap ranked Chainlink into the top of the DeFi tokens that are getting great attention from investors, not less of the mixed comments that broke out.

The research head of CoinMarketCap, Gerald Chee, said:

"We have used many different methods to determine if Chainlink is eligible to be a DeFi token or not and after reviewing Chainlink's fully qualified as a DeFi token"

However, many commentators have other comments, and they believe that the LINK is not a DeFi token, and it is ungrounded in the list of DeFi tokens.

Currently, Chainlink is standing top 1 in the list of DeFi tokens on CoinMarketCap, talking about this issue analyst Jason Fernandes has tweeted:

"It's not true to see Chainlink as DeFi token, and if this is true, Binance Coin should also be rated as DeFi token"

Some criticism of that "Chainlink may have paid for CoinMarketCap to be placed in top DeFi token".

Before the noisy, CoinMarketCap representatives tweet that:

"We rejected every rumor saying we got money to stack Chainlink into top DeFi token. Once again we emphasize that CoinMarketCap has never received any funds for the ranking or posting of any tokens "

CoinMarketCap is no longer unfamiliar with the controversy. Months ago, the rank adjustments of cryptocurrencies had caused opposition from the community, not only for tokens but also for other components in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, such as exchanges.

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