Coinbase’s Hidden Ethereum Agenda - 0x Added - My Thoughts

5개월 전

It is clear Coinbase has some weird hidden agenda to attempt to support the Ethereum ecosystem more than other projects that are more popular or have proven to be able to perform better.

I personally do feel like Coinbase has done something right or they wouldn't have become as influential in the space. Part of it was having the funding and being one of the first exchanges to obtain money transmitter licenses in the various states in the United States. Then the affiliate program was effective of getting more people on board to the platform.

It is simply strange to me that they wouldn't just on ramp 20 different projects. Yeah be selective but the way they are going about it is honestly kind of stupid.

Ok, a lot of us who have been into the space for awhile don't like Ripple. Ok get over.... just add it. The people want to buy it.

A large part of Ethereum success was because it was added to Coinbase but it has also contributed to its undoing. If EOS was added to Coinbase then probably more altcoin exchanges would add EOS markets and then during these downturns people might have sold their other assets for EOS and then sold their EOS for fiat on Coinbase.

Instead their fastest route out has been Ethereum. So by not adding other projects it has further focused the damage on Ethereum than it might have been if they would have opened up trading on other assets. Also the customer base is getting irritated with them.

Sometimes when you play favorites you screw yourself.

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I wish they would add doge, good reading.


Yeah I wish they would add Doge also! Everyone likes Doge!

Highly rEsteemed!

Excellent commentary. I'm a big fan of Coinbase but not ERC-20.
Scaling is still hindered by developers and their Greedy little agendas.



There were certainly too many bad apples in the bunch.

I just think that the Bosses at Coinbase just speculated on 0x because they know that if a coin was added to Coinbase it will just explode in price. @brianphobos


Yeah I think they are just pumping their own bags.

Fuck it. Just add Doge. I don’t know why you wouldn’t add something with a new community and expand your user base. Especially considering there are much better/interesting projects out there.


I'm all for Doge getting added. Everyone likes Doge!


I’d prefer Steem or Eos or a plethora of other projects.

Doge has about as much technical use as ETC.


For a long time I didn't understand who was buying Doge but then I realized that people love to swing trade it. It certainly has survived way longer than I expected.

If you haven't felt this way already

Ha yeah as soon as they added ETC I was like... hm! I hope they add Maker and Dai as well.

I wrote a while back that if they list Dai they can use their own Ethereum as collateral to create Dai and loan it out on their own terms... that would be pretty crazy.


It is an interesting premise. I can't remember if Dai forces you to put up 100% of the collateral for how much it is worth and if the price of the underlying asset drops do you have to put more in? You have to do that with BitUSD.


Yes. It takes closer to 200-300%. CDPs get liquidated at 150%. I'm guessing Coinbase has plenty of collateral.

That is strange. I hadn't even heard of that. I thought you were talking about district0x
at first. Still, I agree that it's a bit of a weird choice. Maybe they know something we don't. It's likely they do because of who their ownership is.


I just think they bought a bunch of it and want to pump it up.


I could see that!

I have to say I'm glad to see Coinbase propping up Ethereum, however not because I particularly like the coin, more so because I'm a bagholder lol


I mainly got out of my last Ethereum at around $465. The writing was on the wall that the tide was going out and most were going to use Ethereum to move funds from other exchanges and to sell out to Fiat so I had to cut the chain and let if implode.

It is all business decision and I read it somewhere someone from Ox is working at Coinbase.
I mean you said it in your video. They have a bunch of them and they will catch out eventually.
Again it is not about the everyday consumer.
Keep on postin'


They are certainly going to irritate their customer base but I guess at this point a lot of us have other options at this point so hopefully it will take some power away from them.

I agree i've long thought coinbase was self limiting itself


It is strange for sure.