Coinbase only good as a GBP on ramp.

2년 전

Competition is healthy so where is it?

Coinbase is behaving exactly like the banks abusing it's power and cashing in on customer mistakes.

You might be asking me where this is all coming from?

  • Took me 3 months to pass Know your client checks (Bittrex and Kraken took only a few days using the same documents.)
  • Double processing standards, hidden fees when making bank withdrawals. When you withdraw Crypto it is clearly listed at every step of the process not sure why this isn't just a universal standard?
  • Been censoring accounts and stealing funds from people left and right with Gab being the latest victim.
  • Really poor liquidity for EUR and GBP markets with limited amount of trading pairs in general even for USD markets.
  • No maker fee compounding the problem of market manipulation of which Coinbase seems fairly complicit.
  • Lots of Technical issues always seems to have some form of system outage even in the midst of this bear market not very often do I get to see a full green light saying systems fully operational in fact I don't think I've seen it go green in 2019.

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