What is Coinbase?

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Hello everyone,

This post is for those who don't know about coinbase.Today I will talk about coinbase.

What is Coinbase app?

Coinbase is a wallet app where you can add your Bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash,Ethereum and Litecoin.

It is very helpful app for everyone.

How to use coinbase?

Coinbase is very easy to use.Anybody can use Coinbase easily.

First of all you have to create an account for It. 

For sign up,it will require:

1.First Name

2.Last Name



After filling up those requirements,you will be able to use the app.

Do I need to create a wallet for cash? 

You will not required to add or create any wallet.You will directly see those wallet.If you want to check your balance then go to “Accounts” and then you will see your all money balance.

How do I sent or recieve money?

It is very easy to sent or recieve money.Even you can recieve or sent usd or other money. You can also see the rate of Bitcoin,Ethereum,Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.You will have an address for Bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash,Ethereum and Litecoin.You can use them to cashout from different websites where you get paid for work.You can use it specially for steemit.When you withdraw your steem dollar,you can exchange your steem dollar with Bitcoin or other money by coinbase addresses.

Can I use coinbase in my pc?

You can also use coinbase in your pc.

Just go to www.coinbase.com 

Is it safe?

Of course it is safe and you can sent and recieve your money safely in any website.

Where can I find Coinbase app?

If you are using android phone then go to “PlayStore” and search “Coinbase” then you can see the coinbase app.If you are using IOS then go to “App Store” and do the same thing to download the app.

Coinbase is one of the best wallet app.You can call it all in one wallet app too.

I’m sorry because I can’t show you the photos of coinbase app.Because it is secured from screenshot.It secured the balances also.

But you can see a photo of 

Here is 

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