Help Get Steem On Coinbase!

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Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase just tweeted: "Coinbase Custody continues to add new assets as well, fairly quick turn around based on client interest. Let us know what you'd like to see next."

Let's make some noise and ask them to add STEEM! Right now DGB is beating us out, but I am confident our community can be the loudest!

Go to and add a comment asking Coinbase to list Steem! Add proof of your Twitter comment below for an upvote! Cheers!

Coinbase is the golden goose of exchanges, be sure to let every Steemian you know to contribute!

EDIT: Please bee sure to heart everyone's Twitter comments that are voting for Steem!

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Hi Dan. I just wanted to share this screen of the poem/comment I sent to Brian Armstrong's tweet this morning.

Screenshot (382).png

It is inspiring what @jenina619 did creating a piece of art to tweet and it inspired me to utilize my creative talent as a poet in the same way. I also made a new post

where I promote what she has done and encouraging other artists and writers of steem to follow suit to really drive the message home to the coinbase team that we are a unique community blockchain with added value in the talent of the community as well as the utility of one of the fastest fee-less cryptocurrencies of any blockchain.

Anyway, thanks again for all you do for steem every day.


You are incredible!!!! Love your cryptopoem🤗💙💙💙 I'm sure Brian will add Steem now!!😉🍀🍀

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I love your optimistic attitude!



And I love your comment!!! Ehehehhh Thank You so much!

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Hahaha there is a lot of love in the air in this post 😂😂😂

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Thanks again Jenina.

I'm becoming very hopeful now that all of our efforts might have done enough. We're only 4 comments behind the main competition at this point, I spent some time counting them all.

Fingers crossed 🤞

our competitors don't have amazing art, fantastic creative GIFs... or poetry. #steem 4theWin 😃


Art & poems, how can we lose! It is a very close race, let's see if Steemians can find their second wind!


Art & poems, how can we lose! It is a very close race


I've got my fingers crossed and I do think that the creativity and enthusiasm of all the comments from steemians on that post trump the digibyte ones.

I've nothing against any other legit crypto project, but I read some comments saying things like 'digibyte... how long are you going to ignore us' etc. I didn't see anything but positivity from steemians comments 🙂

Found this post thanks to @raj808<

Retweeted, liked the other tweets and commented. Let's make this happen!


Love it, resteemed brother. Not on tweeter currently.

Commented earlier to Brian and I just remembered to share it here.

Billion thanks to @raj808 for the heads up and spreading the love!

All initiatives to market Steem I 100% give my full support!

Tweeted, fingers and toes crossed that Steem will get listed.



I shared my opinion with Brian Armstrong on Twitter! Coinbase needs to ad Steem; the opportunity with the daps, especially Actifit and the syncing with Fitbit could prove to be huge! Everyone has a Fitbit! Let's get Steem listed!
Hopefully we will get steem on coinbase by 3 months time!

Their isn't a better contender than Steem imo i just left my tweet btw...
Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 01.58.56.png

steem.png we want steem


I believe we can convince Brian to add Steem to Coinbase, what other Blockchain has working Dapps? We have something here in Steem, I will keep tweeting ....... also a shout-out to @raj808 who alerted me to the Tweet push! 👍
Let’s do this guys !!! 🤗

always be steem



Done, I share with my friends too

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Here's the text of the tweet:

Markku Jantunen

Vastauksena käyttäjälle @brian_armstrong
Add Steem, please. Why? Take a look at

Six out of the ten most used DApps in the whole space are Steem apps. And the top three are all on Steem. Steem is for web development and is the easiest pne to adopt for mainstream people. Easy for devs, too.

Right on!

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@theycallmedan thanks sir.

@brian_armstrong sir i just want to say please add @Steem at this moment need listed @steem thanks sir for giving opurtunaty of asking.

lets make some noise!!

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YES, Posted, lets get Steem on CoinBase, that would be GREAT!
Good idea. :D

Here's the image:twitter001.png

Done! I hope Coinbase will add!

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My part.





Done, man!
Tweet to Coinbase.png

Account Name: ZobydulR
Follow, Like, Retweeted
Being a part of this . Let's do this guys.



we are a large community and have accomplish awesome stuff when we get together im sure we will get STEEM listed in this exachange too!


I did mine yesterday, I didn't know you were running abounty on it! Thanks for the work you put into promoting Steem!

Go Steem!

That's me!

@raj808 sent me

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Let´s flex those Steem muscles again guys! :) Thanks for this call to action Dan.

Bez názvu.png


Done. Let's hope it'll get us more tracktion and more users :) I don't even think about price as it's short term thinking... I wanna see waves of users coming in instead..

I resisted making a twitter account for years and finally just signed up the other day - exactly for moments like this! 💪🏻

Here’s a screenshot of my reply. Went through and left hearts on tons of the other Steem comments.


Added a comment, let's bring STEEM into Coinbase! Thanks for letting this know!


Just did everything asked for... i believe, we'll win.

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Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-28 um 12.25.10 AM.png

Supported through a resteem and pinned post in our 3,5 k FB Steemit group too. For sure I have made a Tweet too but forgot to heart all other Steem Tweets :-)

This seems like a no-brainer. Glad to offer my two cents worth.



I recommended steem. Thanks for bringing this opportunity to everyone’s attention. That would be great to get more exposure for Steem!

Just replied to his tweet!

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 11.06.08 PM.png

I just tweeted:

And I wrote post encouraging everyone to reply to Mr Armstrong on Twitter:


Go Steem!


Here's is how I raised my voice.

Tweet Link

#Retweet and #Follow me if you guys like it and want to see #Steem in #Coinbase

#steem on

Liked the steem comment and added comment to add steem on coinbase. This would be so incredible.

Well, this community has come together and pulled off some remarkable things @theycallmedan, so why not this! It would be awesome to have another "direct entry point" to Steem.

Here you go:

Screenshot 2019-03-25 23.07.21.png

Just sent my tweet @theycallmedan
I went through and hearted the #STEEM posts. I hope we get listed!

Great! Just did my submission for Steem over here-

I hope we will win

Yes! Would love to see STEEM in coinbase.



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Just tweeted and will hit him again from my business account! (^_^)

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Let's do this!

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I just cast a vote for Steem on Twitter as well. We are too big to ignore, it has to eventually happen.


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Did my bit :)


Already done a few days ago - No brainer :)

Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-25 um 09.08.45.png

Done, Untitled.png

Reply to @brian_armstrong steemit platform is the one of the most active platforms on the blockchain with consistently over a million operations on blockchain everyday and over 50 working Dapps built on this platform. Please add #steem to coinbase. #steem


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Looks like Steem is getting some love on that Tweet, but there's some strong competition. Need to ramp up the Steem army. Here's my contribution


DGB community are fierce! But Steem is just too powerful!

Its Done!!!

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Making some noise lets go everyone!


Here's my reply to brian. We really would benefit from this!

steem to coinbase.JPG

It looks like we’re crushing the competition!! 💪🏽


Done :D Let´s pray!!


Let's get this thing running.Let's make some noise.

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Annoyingly I can’t add a photo in a comment via Partiko

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Going back to heart all the Steem comments now.

Steem Coinbase.png

Let's make some noise! :D

Done CEC206CE-C634-43C0-9BAF-16217650C2A9.jpeg


Just commented! Lets do this!

Now this is going to be great for us all

The power of community is now needed . Have done that few hours ago.


Done and done!

done, let's hope we will be listed soon


Screenshot (2).png

Done! Here we go, community!

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I had to create another twitter account pending the time my real account will be uncensored Screenshot_20190321-195038.png

Done Sir @theycallmedan I hope steem would get listed soon.


Steemitri The Mannequin supports STEEM!

Done ;)

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Screenshot 319.png

Its time to take off the gloves.

Hi Dan

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Done it!

Screenshot_2019-03-21 Brian Armstrong on Twitter.png
Image source: Screenshot (Twitter).
Screenshot was taken on 2019.03.21, 19:36 CET.

Did support Steem. 😀
Wish Steem all the best! 😀

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I really wish I Could promote steem to any point but I just got censored on twitter for promoting steem. It seems they are getting jealous day by day by our activities on twitter. I will be delighted if I can make my contribution laterScreenshot_20190321-193056.png I have tried recovery my password

Here is my tweet. I saw a lot of steem tweets there :)

coinbase proof bxl.PNG

Done and will be liking all comments which ask for steem

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Link to tweet:

Truly, #steem is the future of cryptocurrency and it's the only crpto that supports humanity.

Thanks @Theycallmedan for supporting this.

Hopefully we win!!

Man, why is this taking so long? We gotta keep pushing I guess.


Thanks for sharing this information to a wider audience @theycallmedan

I hope my post from this morning might have helped spur the initial drive of people commenting on Brian Armstrong's tweet about listing steem on coinbase next.

I think it is important that people also spend a minutes or two while writing their tweets making a few points about why steem has utility above and beyond other Blockchain projects. This is something I explained in my post:

This type of information is what will help eliviate some of the misunderstandings that the wider crypto community have about steem. It may also help swing Brian Armstrong's opinion if he understands the multiple utility that our Blockchain offers.

Thanks for your help in this marketing push and tweet blast 🙂

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Done, hopefully we get listed.. =)

Also hearted your tweet. ;)

Great initiative, done my part... let us move Steemit to the next level!

Done my work

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Let's get it listed


Let's get Steem to the moon!

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Successfully done.


Let's make this happen! Resteeming/Retweeting!

coinbase proof.PNG

This will be a wonderful win.


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👍👍 9F008674-22DC-4BD3-9F34-9D64B789115D.jpeg

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Thank you DAN! @theycallmedan

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Steem On!!
Lest go.

Dear @theycallmedan,
we are always love promote #steem without any benefit, Because you can promote it huge it will give us huge.
Here my simple contribution for this great blockchain community.



Account name: justforsteem

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This awesome, Dan. We will gain so much traction from this

Also, I have been tweeting at coinbase in the past. I hope more steemians will catch up with this, now 2.jpg1.jpg3.jpg

I have made 2 posts about this some time back,

Yay! A reason to use twitter 🙌🏼


Thanks for getting the word out about this!


Cheers. I'm glad that I could be part of making you and many other steeminas aware of this tweet blast @llfarms and helped to get everyone informed about the chance to promote steem for listing on coinbase ASAP.

The reason why you know about this is not because of Dan's post but because I made a post at 6am this morning that Dan saw and recreated to point the community towards the marketing drive that I'd already started. Check out the post :-) It was ignored by half of the people who voted and commented on Dan's post.


Are you upset that I thanked him for the post he made? Or that you aren’t getting credit for also seeing a public tweet and helping to get the word out? I find your response here quite “Dick-ish” if I’m honest.

I know about this call for the community because of the post I commented on.. and the goal is to promote Steem not toot your own horn.

I’m glad you made a post as well, I didn’t see that one.. but I DID see this one. It’s a good thing when many people from the community call for help to make something happen as then it reaches more people.

Looks like your post got some decent votes too.. and I already found the information here that was needed so I will choose to continue to, as you say “ignore”, your post as I don’t like your reply here and find your attitude is quite strange.

I assume the others here also did not “ignore” yours, they just happened to see Dan’s.

Why don’t you take a step back and see the big picture here, which is the goal to get the word out about Steem.


Oh yeah and I think you earned this...




(LLFarms, it will not find them on an edit.)



You have DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to


Justine, there is nothing dickish about my response.

You are one of the people I tagged into my marketing post because I respect both you as a person and your position on the platform. I hoped that you, and many other prominent people that I tagged, might respond to what I had pointed out. I don't write many steem promotional posts but this was something I spotted and thought; hey here's a tweet people haven't noticed (no one had commented about steem on that tweet at the time), maybe I can encourage everyone to band together to promote us for a listing on coinbase, and I did rally some people to comment. But the people who responded to that post were all people who were aready active on twitter and most of them in the Seven77 #steem promotional movement. I think it was 3 or 4 people who responded out of the 42 people I tagged (please go and look at the post) - all prominent steemians who have high stake and should have an interest in increasing steem's prominence and value for their investment.

I’m glad you made a post as well, I didn’t see that one.. but I DID see this one. It’s a good thing when many people from the community call for help to make something happen as then it reaches more people.

It is great that Dan's post has encouraged more people to go and comment but that does not take away from the fact that many people I tagged, didn't want to waste their time on my post, or they ignore their gina bot, regardless of the fact it contained information that was beneficial to all of us on steem.

You accuse me of worrying about credit. I am worried about how people conduct themselves on this platform. Is this information and promotion more important because Dan has put it across in his post? The answer is no! That is to do with reputation and how people who are high stake holders undervalue the efforts of people with less SP.

Why don’t you take a step back and see the big picture here, which is the goal to get the word out about Steem.

I see the bigger picture or I wouldn't spend 2-3 hours every day
'above and beyond' creating content on steem promoting our blockchain on twitter.

Looks like your post got some decent votes too.. and I already found the information here that was needed so I will choose to continue to, as you say “ignore”, your post as I don’t like your reply here and find your attitude is quite strange.

Nothing to do with votes Justine, it is to do with a stupid hierarchy on steem where people are expected to devalue their contribution based on reputation and steem power.

The simple fact is that I noticed an opportunity, put time and effort into writing a decent post, with video explanation and 90% of the upper class of steem (that I tagged) didn't bother to look at it.

The fact that many people I tagged, legitimately into my post are here on Dan's post only proves my point.

I've got to make this clear right now. I'm not attacking you, and I'm not attacking Dan. I just know that you are one of the people in this comment section who has influence on this platform. I have nothing to prove and nothing to loose. I've been on steem working just as hard as everyone else for 20 months now. If we get listed everyone will benefit, but I'd like to be part of the conversation that I started in this instance. Or, if doesn't happen I'll end up laughing at everything I've wrote here as much as anyone else would.

I hope this clears things up.


I’m not tagged in your post. If I was, and by chance I did get the notification from Gina (in between all the spam and flags) I would have responded. I did not ignore it, as I’m not there;


I just happened to peek into a chat room that shared Dan’s post at that moment and went to use twitter, as the only reason I signed up for it was to promote Steem.

I understand being frustrated and feeling that your post was ignored, all I can say is that I didn’t ignore it.. as I didn’t even see it and was not tagged in it.

So your response to my comment here felt very much like an attack on not only me but Dan who was just trying to help get the word out. If that wasn’t your intention, great.. glad that is cleared up.


I've just checked and you're quite right, you're not tagged in my post. I did tag you in my first edit before I published.... But none of that matters as it didn't end up in there when I hit post. In regards to me arguing that you'd ignored my post, I apologize, you're right, again I apologize I honestly thought I'd tagged you in next to soyrosa, anomadsoul, abh1234 and a few others I'd meet at steemfest. If it felt like a personal attack, I understand.

I think part of why I'm pissed, and feel justified in why I'm pissed, is that I shared my post widely in all discord communities this morning. I wrote a paragraph explaining what the post was about, and as I said, I tagged many prominent people whose promotion and support could have spread this all over steem. But due to my lack of SP and (arbitrary as I've rarely bought votes) reputation, it was ignored. Now, someone with Rep, and more importantly large stake of SP, posts the same information and nearly everyone I tagged has turned up.

The point I made about quality of post and importance of message being ignored based on SP and rep bares relavence. My post was not resteemed by Dan or many of the other people I tagged. My post was ignored by most of the people who I tagged, but they are here on this post showing support. I'm not sure what incentive this gives me, or anyone else who hasn't leveraged themselves an ally with high SP, to continue providing their marketing experience to promote steem Blockchain. The thing is, I know what I've done in the past in my career in marketing, and I will not undervalue myself or my efforts. But if they are undervalued on steem over and over, then what is the point. Because the efforts I make are just as valuable as anyone elses, regardless of what community affiliations, or whale friends I do or don't have. But value is all skewed on steem, both with content and behind the scenes activities. Stake trump's everything.

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There are people in this universe that stay away from the discord as much as they can and have no idea what
"they ignore their gina bot" really means ;-)
I saw your post and upvoted it, however, I did not write any comment there simply because I never had a twitter account.


Hi @gtg

Thanks, I did notice your vote and I appreciate the support. Honestly though, the crux of what I'm saying in these comments isn't untrue or unreasonable. There were two people who I tagged who took any notice of my post, yourself and lukestokes.

All others ignored it. Without naming names, many of them are on discord daily, many of them run discord community's. Some of them are here on Dan's post, whereas they didn't come near mine.

Is this because I'm a relatively unimportant dolphin? Is it because Dan is a whale? Despite steem power there are similarities between what we're both trying to do. We both promote steem on twitter. We're both tweeting crypto people on there every day and doing the Seven77 challenge to spread awareness about steem. The information that I put in my post, and Dan has also shared here on his post, is important for those steemians on twitter as it's an opportunity to further steem for little effort.

As I said in my comments to llfarms, there is a problem on this platform with people ignoring others for no reason other than SP. If you look at facts in regards to myself; I've been on steem nearly 2 years, worked in multiple discord communities and helped build a successful charity initiative last summer. By any other 'real world' criteria it might be expected that these activities might deserve some notice. But here on steem, especially as I've been unable to do much recently on discord, my post goes overlooked. Or maybe as I said before it's simply because I have just shy of 4000 SP (I've never taken any money out of steem apart from £60 worth to pay for my flight to steemfest 3).

This is not about Dan's post, or any type of attack on him. His post is awesome in what it has achieved. He's got at least double the people to tweet than I have so far. I thanked Dan (I think the comment is near the bottom) for doing this post before I even got started on this comment thread.

I think I've articulated the crux of why all this upset me. I came on steem ages ago to write travel articles and creative writing (poetry & fiction) but I find myself increasingly spending a lot of time in marketing efforts which if they have the impact we all hope they do, will increase everyone's investment.

This isn't the first time I've created steem related content, despite it not being what I want to write. I do it for the betterment of steem. I used to work in marketing which I left because I couldn't stomach some of the things I was expected to do. But I'll happily put time & effort into marketing steem because I think the underlying concept of proof of brain and this Blockchain community could change the world.

I don't feel unjustified in being disappointed that only a few of those I tagged promoted it for what it was; a decent marketing initiative that encouraged a potential listing on coinbase.

Thanks again for your support on my post @gtg. I've only wrote such a long comment because wanted to articulate clearly why I see this whole thing as indicative of deeper problems with steem. Do we really work on proof of Brain? Or is it proof of SP/Rep?

P.s. cudos on having no twitter account. I don't go near my Facebook anymore and am even considering deleting it. Hopefully one day whatever replaces twitter will run on the steem Blockchain. I'd get behind that as long as I could block steemtweets and only see articles, art, stories, poems and videos 😉