Getting Steem Listed On COINBASE!!!


Coinbase is a pretty famous exchange/wallet provider and most of us have started our journey to crypto with it. Iam not a American citizen and coinbase was what I used to store all my Ethereum in 2017. What makes coinbase awesome is the simplicity in it's design and the ease of trading(with fiat) it offers. Getting Steem listed on coinbase would be amazing as it would open up steem and steemit to a completely new demographic(The Noobs).
One of the biggest problems that steem faces right now is that there are no fiat pairs and most people here have to first change their steem to BTC, LTC or ETH to change it to fiat.

(Image courtesy of @whatsup(Martha))

What you have to understand is that getting steem listed on coinbase is the most important thing right now as having a fiat pair with good volume could potentially stop us from following Bitcoin around(It is a long shot but still...)

But getting listed on coinbase would not be easy as steem has really strong competition from other cryptocurrencies like NEO and Coinbase's attitude can be summarized with this meme
Jimmy Fallon and Lorne Michaels Ignore a Cheerleader 12102018083058.jpg

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really? that's just creepy LOL


Whatsup told me to post it...

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