What I have found investigating coindoubler over several months


If you do a little investigation you will find some truth. I have been trying to figure out if coin doubler is real or a fraud for several months. Here is what I can tell.

All the posts made bragging about gains use the exact same style guide for posts.


Look familiar??

How about this?


Though all the accounts posting about coindoubler have reputation, they seem to exclusively post about making money from coin doubler.


Also all of the accounts that I have looked into send all of their money to the exact same account. @Escrow-services


This would imply they are all run by the same person.

I don’t have any actual proof of fraud…
But this person does proof of fraud

More on the topic of lies, by voidsoul:
why society lies to you

after reading this if you still want to send money to this thing, be my guest…

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Great work brother, thanks for alarming us❤️

Make profit or loss from trading is 100x better than doing this kind of silliness.

A knowing man will never invest his coin to any doubler service like this because result of this will not good ever.

Thanks for alarting us, I didn't know about this kind of coin doubler service before but i think we should not invest there.

All people just want to make more money by anything. Using bots, coindoubler to make some profit. People blindly giving them steem.
But the coindoubler thing is new for me, from how many days its going on?


Long time I think.

I see such thing for the first time. But my personal opinion about such project is not good. I think there are many who are here to male scam. We should be more careful about our money. Anyway this project may be good also.


There was proof posted that showed coindoubler is ripping people off. It’s in my post…


So we should ignore them. But there are some greedy people who will even try it knowing after this is a scam project.

Yes, they look the same and feel the same, 5 steems are not a big price for the experiment.
I'd like the check this "magic" myself.

also, I've noticed that those users often delegate to upvu or tipu. So, I'll check them.

This kind of service return coin for first time but when you give a big amount then you will not get anything. I have some worst experience about coin doubler site. So be careful.

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At first look i saw this tittle and i thought you will told how you doubled your coins. But no, whats going on here, i didnt see that scam anywhere till now. Its really bad for the platform. Somedays ago a person told me to join a community to get more profit by posting their community, i clicked that link and ask me to log in with steemit username and key via third party website . I closed that tab as soon as possible. We dont have to believe everyone.

I think, this is the easiest way to earn money by frauding greedy people.

Happy to see.👍👍👍👍👍

I hate such kind of project even if it be good.money is very valuable. It shouldn't be earned so easily. If money become so available it will lead you bad work. Moreover there are more scammers here. Focus on your own security.


The opposite is also true. If money is very difficult to get, it will lead people to scam others.