World Premiere - CoinEx Exchange(Market, Trade, Wallet All in One)

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World Premiere - CoinEx Exchange!!!
CoinEx allocate 80% of transaction fee revenue
as dividends to CET holders During the “Trade-driven mining” period.
Join Here::

CoinEx basically Started in December 2017, they Provide Digital global and professional digital coin exchange service.
Their Team is from Worlds Excellent leading internet, professionals of cryptocurrency and finance companies.
The Exchange is highly secure, stable and efficient digital coin exchange for global users. It supports many languages and are provides global trading services in around 150 plus regions.

Their main features are:
A market, Trade, Wallet All in One
High-speed Matching Engine
Full-dimension Protection
Global Market Oriented
Fast Deposit & Withdrawal
BCH as Base Currency

Exchange make excellent Airdrops, and Competition and Announcement so you easily get a nice bonus by participating into that event and they give higher dividend for all CET holders During the “Trade-driven mining” period.They are careful and responsible when it comes to listing of new tokens.


It's Volume Growing day by day n recently CoinEx exchange surpasses Binance in 24hr trading volune , it really challenging to the Binance. According to CoinmarketCap, it trades almost 50+ coins and their trades are in BCH, BTC, ETH and USDT markets.

CoinEx Exchange has Andriod and iOS App. Their Support team are very Quick and helps their user Promptly and they are Professionals to Solving all queries.

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And Do join the CoinEx Exchange here:

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