Introduce Pengcash (PNC) in steem community

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Hello everyone,

This is the first post using the Steemcoinpan platform. As a steem user, I am interested in providing a little information about the tokens that we launched a few months ago.

The market has received hundreds of new tokens and continues to develop great innovations for the advancement of the Steem ecosystem by growing economic value in its business.

About Pengcash (PNC)


Pengcash (PNC) is a digital currency created as a community currency for steem users in the Aceh region. The amount we created is 1 billion tokens ready to be traded on the steem-engine digital money market for more details about PNC clicks Here.


Goals PNC

PNC is designed as a trading transaction in real life, all PNC holders can use the PNC currency to buy everything they want. For example, credit, paying electricity bills, shopping for clothes and more.


With the presence of PNC, it is expected to grow the economy of the community and be able to help all steem users in Indonesia to be able to successfully become professionals in the field of cryptocurrency.

Team of PNC



PNC is still in the development stage, and requires all forms of input and support from all parties.

Visit our website :

Find various other tokens here :

View the Coin Market SCT here :

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Thanks to @owner99
who made a post about PNC tokens in steem engine.
compact greetings always for the @pengcash team

Wow great development, this is new local tokens from Indonesia. Hope this will be interesting for many investors 😀


Ayo bang, kita garap. Biar kedepan banyak yang bisa terbantu dengan koin kita


Apa yang bisa dibantu bang? 😁


pelajari kembali bg, semua token yang ada di


😅 banyak kalo tokennya ya bang


sangat banyak bang, dan ada beberapa yang sudah memiliki platform yang terhubung dengan steem seperti platform ini bg dan untuk harga sct saat ini adalah 1 sct = 1.1 steem

Akan saya coba pelajari kembali,..belajar dan terus belajar