Pay Litecoin through SMS, CoinText adds supports for Litecoin & Dash

2년 전

CoinText makes sending cryptocurrency as easy as sending a text message. It’s a powerful tool for communities to spread adoption of their cryptocurrency.“

litecoin.jpg ,the innovative way to send cryptocurrencies through SMS, has added support for Litecoin and Dash. Currently, CoinText supports three currencies, Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Litecoin(LTC) and DASH.


CoinText lets anyone instantly send cryptocurrencies via text message. The amount is received by the receiver’s wallet or the mobile number. Users don’t have to download any app or require a working internet connection. CoinText aims to make it simple to transact in cryptocurrencies

The company started in March 2018, and only supported Bitcoin Cash initially. The company supports Bitcoin Cash transaction in twenty countries, but Litecoin and Dash are currently limited to the United States and Canada. On being asked, why CoinText began with Bitcoin Cash, Vin Armani replied,

“Bitcoin Cash is the leading contender to become money for the world.”

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