[Discussion Post] What was your college/schooling experience like?

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Hello everyone!

I recently found a video of Two Set Violin discussing their experiences in college studying music. I will include the video below. As a result, I decided to make this week's discussion topic college/schooling experience! Feel free to comment with some of your favorite stories, and your overall thoughts on the school you attended!

Here is the video:

Again, feel free to tell some of your favorite stories, or how college/school impacted you. Engaging comments will be rewarded with a share of the liquid rewards!

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I am currently a senior in high school (about to graduate)! I have attended public school for elementary, middle, and high school. I have personally had a wonderful experience in my school district. I've had a lot of opportunities to grow and develop and learn. I love being involved, so I took advantage of all of the clubs and activities offered at my school. As I mentioned in my introduction post, I participated in my school musicals which I would definitely say provided many highlights for my high school experience. I love the feeling of getting in costume and performing on stage.


Excellent!! Enjoy every opportunity to the fullest, studying is the best thing that can happen to us.


You're a senior in high school? No way! ME TOO!

You did a very good job in Seussical! I loved doing that show with you!

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Love reading engagements, often they are better than the post and tells a story about the person behind the profile picture. I love it.

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My college experience

Well, I wasn´t the most liked person in the class. I was the person who sat in front, raised her hand, and paid attention. Teachers loved me, and if I forgot a book or homework, it was never a big deal.

Those privileges came with a cost. The cost was having just a select few friends. Those who were my friends, where the best you could imagine. We had the same interest, same vision, same everything.

Bullies where never my friends, but I had a big mouth, and am well versed. I was not their target, but they were mine. I have a strong opinion since I was a toddler. My father lost all his hair in that period of his life..

As most of my friends, we went to university. I did strategic management and communication and graduated 🎓 from that a few years back.

In my free time, I studied how to develop small things, learned some coding languages, and try to improve myself by reading at least 2 books a week. Both fiction and non-fiction activates my brain in completely different ways and make me look different at things as I would instinctively do.

Thanks for this discussion post!
Yours, Ciska


I don't find it hard to believe that you would be a good student, or that you would stand up to bullies! 2 books a week is impressive. So far this year, I would say I have just achieved 2 books. . .


Good to know that you were so dedicated in the studies ... I bet that those popular and thugs nowadays few successes have achieved.
Congratulations on your goals !!

From my great dreams and goals to fulfill, from an early age, there was great attraction for what is law, its study, the justice systems and that enigmatism that the life of a lawyer transmitted to me, some will tell the experience that as children , they felt a certain sympathy or occupation that later when they got older they were modifying and changing. my experience was that as a child I wanted to be a lawyer. I highlight this fact because if everyone is excited to enter the university, the more satisfaction can someone feel who ventures into the world of their dreams. the academy transcended my expectations, it was no longer that concept of the rigid and dogmatic of the laws but a series of teachings that help me to understand life in a better way ... it is inconceivable to narrate the experience of those lived at the university , not to mention the anecdotes told by the teachers, these constitute a source of wisdom and stimulate us to continue the fight that is why we long. Each teacher becomes a benchmark of what you possibly will be or want to be upon graduating from university. My university life has been wrapped in endless feelings and experiences, uncertainty, successes, expectations, achievements, competitiveness, disappointment and ego .. I express this with great satisfaction because judging by what is seen in other people's experience and as is common in my country and my society, there are countless people who enter to study university degrees who do not want or identify with them, so they lack vocation and when entering the world of work, and frustrate and as I have to deduce, the fruits of work are few. Thank God, I was able to study at a university that I like, with professors worthy of example, the career that I always dreamed of and, in addition, it was at the university that I met the woman I love and who is currently my companion for days and nights, in good times and bad, it is my inspiration, my strength and my complement in the workplace; Fortunately, she also studied law. Today I am pleased and proud to say that God through the university gave me the fortune to feel useful, to others, to society, to my family and to my wife. Long live the academy!!



I loved reading you ❤


It is because you are included in my story, I miss you my black!!


A truly remarkable story!

I am glad that you were able to pursue your dream, and I tend to agree that it is much better going into university with an idea of what you want out of it. You are right that too many people go to college because they think it is what they should do, rather than because they want to. I am happy for you, and the life that you have built for yourself through your hard work!


Grateful that you have read my experience, the university is as fruitful as we want it to be, when we have clear goals and precise objectives we will more easily obtain what we want ... I hope to read your experience soon.

🎓❤The university is undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life ... Studying is fundamental to the life of any human being, the university transforms us into better human beings, and what we learn there is the basis for all life.
I had the happiness of studying at the Romulo Gallegos University, a public university that is 2 hours from my house, I had to make many sacrifices for transportation and educational expenses, study law, a fairly complex career, where we must read and concentrate a lot, But each sacrifice was worth it, because I got my degree and so that the university experience was better I met the love of my life in that house of study, a man with whom today I share many more dreams and goals.
To everyone who asks about the university, I say that they should study, prepare, that sacrifices and efforts do not matter, that they do not miss the opportunity to live the university experience.❤🎓


I am happy that you met the love of your life in law school! @elider11 also met the love of his life in law school. I was curious if the stories are connected?


@ cmp2020 Yes, we share the university and today steemit =)