College ICO Idea

2년 전

No I am not starting this ICO but if anyone wants to just take me on board as an advisor!


I think college students would love to have their transcripts on a blockchain. The students would save money and control who sees their grades. It would save the college money because they would no longer do paper work and it would save students money because they wouldn't have to pay the college! Most of all students could send transcripts to any college, employer, institution or individual as needed. The transcripts would also arrive quicker and more securely because they would be digitized and secured by the blockchain. Everyone would benefit; especially the students.

If there is already a blockchain project going on for college transcripts let me know. I am interested!

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This was a good read! Thank you! @jbus

  ·  2년 전

You are welcome. I hope something like this happens!