Collor Challange #1 Thursday Go, Green......

3년 전


My first post on colorchallange. Hope some beginners luck for new comers here.

Here are the some photos of which i take recently, and its full of green. This photo I have taken with Cannon DSLR 700D.
Nowdays, its perfect time to cultivate the crops in Nepal, because of suitable weather, and rainy season.

Lets Go Green, on thursday.

A green grasshopper is on the green maze leaf.

A lemon tree on back yards of my house.

Special kind of plant, i don't know the name. It grows automatically, with out any cultivation.

Pink dots on leafs, and i always amazed by this flower. It spread quickly and grow more.

Its me my birthday pictures Posted on another challange #steemitphotochallenge

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I do love the way the air smells after a nice hard rain! Great info. thanks for posting - upvoted & following!


Thank you. @silverready1 for your nice comment :) I also upvoted and followed you