📷 #ColorChallenge-💮🌷MondayRed-The RED DAHLIA🌺🌸The Magnificent Beauty, Looks Stunningly Beautiful!😊Enjoy Watching👍!

2년 전

I LOVE Flowers...All of them...I believe, I am madly in LOVE with them...all the time...LOL Yeah! That's so True!!!

There is definitely something so very special about "The Red Dahlia". The Bright Red color is heart warming, energetic, charming and vivacious!!! Absolutely...Eye Popping !!!

Hope you like the captures!!!



Thanks for reading & watching!

Wishing you all Good luck, with Lots of Love!!! Cheers!

Blogging…Its Charm & The Reality!!!

Blogging…seems so much fun…!!! Isn’t it! Yes! Ofcourse…it is!...but…trust you me…Blogging is not all that easy…though it seems pretty interesting to get engaged with lot of people on the web. There must be a million sites involved in blogging and all…but I always question how many of them actually produce original quality content that is really beneficial or purposeful… and for some it’s the same content, slightly modified here and there…which is indeed a sad state of affairs!!!
The only thing comes to my mind is Charles Darwin’s Theory which will remain applicable till there is life on Earth!!!
Struggle for Existence…!
Survival of The Fittest…!
Such a Life!!!....You will definitely get noticed…One day!!!...for sure!!!...Till then patiently wait for your turn!!!


Be Different & Distinct from Others!!!...Be Original…Be Creative!!!

Create your own Niche!!!

"IF" you "Like", "Admire", "Appreciate" someone's work and like/love to leave a Wonderful Comment behind with all that "PRAISE"!!!...Always "DO REMEMBER" to "UPVOTE"!!! Its "Your Upvote" that really decides how "Commendable" the work/post is !!! Therefore "Your Upvote" Is Important for the Steemian Community!!!



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It is nice to see your post after a long long break. Enjoy.


Thank you so very much...Dear Mehta Saab! @mehta
Good to be back, here...after a long long time...really !!! & missed you all !!!
Hugs n Cheers! :)


Try to upvote after min 2 days. Because after HF21, you can receive downvote for using bidbots. Be careful when using bidbots.


Thank you Mehta Saab @mehta once again.
Yes! A lot seems to have changed here, including the STEEM & SBD prices... ↓ ↓ & constant................................................................. !
Thanks for your kind advise.
Cheers! :)

i love flowers too, thanks for sharing such beautifull pictures😊👍


Thank you so much !!! @solaiman


you are wellcome fellow😊!

Good to see you back posting!!!

You are a sight for sore eyes @amitsharma!!!

I cannot believe you have posted the most delicious looking dahlia's EVER! The color is so delightful! You have outdone yourself on this one!

Now, let's get to if you are coming back!!! Say you will! You miss us! :)

Missed you, Amit!


  ·  2년 전

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Dropped by to check in on my friend and take in some of your delightful visual flower therapy!🌸 Hope all is going well with you and your family! @amitsharma

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